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Welcome to (insert course name) (customize with instructor/course/section #)

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2 Welcome to (insert course name) (customize with instructor/course/section #)

3 Pointing Students in the Right Direction! [xxx] is your required text for this course. 1.Students will be assigned homework from Delmar Automotive Training Online: Diagnostic Scenarios (DATO). 2.Benefits! 1.Engage students in realistic scenarios featuring video simulations, flash animations, and real car and equipment photos. 2.Students will master diagnostic procedures and gain hands-on repair experience covering vital ASE/NATEF areas. 3.Test student knowledge and skills with assessment questions and post exam. Use DATO’s LMS capabilities to track student progress and record grading.

4 Use Your Required Materials and Own Your Grade WHERE STUDENTS BUY YOUR REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: School Bookstore!  DATO is available bundled with your textbook for a valuable savings at the bookstore.

5 Signing in to DATO Visit and log into your Faculty Account. Need an account? Contact your Rep.

6 Signing in to DATO Add DATO to your Instructor Resource Center by entering the course area ISBN into the box circled below:

7 Signing in to DATO Click on DATO link to launch the course.

8 Signing in to DATO To View the Scenarios – Select Launch Course.

9 DATO Homepage First time in DATO? Be sure to watch the instructional video.

10 DATO Homepage Go live in DATO by clicking on a course.

11 Choose a scenario within the Course!

12 Choose Learning or Challenge Mode Learning Mode offers support with embedded Help Cues, Tips, Knowledge Checks, Diagnostic Strategy Checkpoints, and selective coaching Challenge Mode requires the student to work independently through the entire scenario from beginning to end, complete the repair successfully, fill in Cause and Correction on the repair order without assistance, and achieve satisfactory scores on assessments.

13 Work through the scenario Students work through an 8-step diagnostic process, receiving and verifying the customer-stated concern, performing preliminary checks, problem analysis, visual inspection, diagnosis, repair and repair verification.

14 Reporting in DATO On the Reporting Page, generate reports for individual student or class scoring.

15 Want to use DATO in your class? To set up a New Course – select “Create a course to begin”. You will immediately receive a new ‘Learning Code’. Share the Learning Code with your students, as this will tie their activity within DATO to your gradebook. Be sure to request a new Learning Code at the start of every session.

16 Check out the accompanying instructor material found by clicking on the Instructor Companion Site link.

17 System Requirements Pop-up blockers must be disabled while using the course. Windows 2000, Windows XP SP2, or Windows Vista operating system Graphics adapter with 800 x 600 display resolution, 16 bit depth or greater Recommended display resolution 1024 x 768 Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 6 or 7 browser (IE is recommended). Due to use of Flash, DATO is not Mac Compatible. If you have a version lower than 6, click the link below to download a newer version. Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer To upgrade your Firefox browser, click the link below to download the newer version. FirefoxFirefox Glossary: Audio To play audio in the glossary, you must have a player installed that will play mp3 files. Additional Plugins: Adobe Reader http://www.adobe.com Adobe Flash http://www.adobe.com Java Real Player http://www.real.com Windows Media Player (used for audio files)

18 Tech Support For any issues, please call our Delmar Technical Support Department at: For any issues, please call our Delmar Technical Support Department at: 1-800-648-7450, option 5, option 1 and submit case. After submitting the case, you will automatically be provided with a phone number to a direct contact. Or e-mail Technical Support at Please include the name of the web site they are using, along with their full name, and a specific description of the problem.

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