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State Data Center (SDC) Projects Update for the CTS Customer Advisory Council Meeting January 07, 2015.

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1 State Data Center (SDC) Projects Update for the CTS Customer Advisory Council Meeting January 07, 2015

2 Agenda Update on SDC Projects Customer Communications Q&A 2

3 SDC Projects

4 SDC Projects Timeline 4

5 Firewall Migrations CTS has approximately 102 firewalls to decommission or migrate from OB2 to the new firewall solution in the SDC. The first migration was in March 2013. The project is scheduled to complete March 2015. Each migration has been a coordinated effort with the CTS customer(s). We have completed 84 of the 102 migrations to date. 5

6 Firewall Migrations 6

7 CTS Private Cloud Status 7 The project has completed. A service announcement for the CTS Private Cloud Service was posted in December.service announcement

8 DR - VTL Project The scope of the Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Project was redefined in order to minimize transformation in flight and help ensure migrations complete on time. The IBM tape backups in OB2 will be replaced by virtual backups in SDC. The Unisys tape service will be migrated to a newer, smaller Unisys tape system in the SDC. 8

9 CTS Move Phase 1 - Recap 517 of 517 virtual servers in OB2 were moved or decommissioned. 264 of 264 physical servers in OB2 were moved or decommissioned Completed migration of the messaging environment Completed numerous projects to migrate CTS security systems, including 8 change events supporting the migration of SAW and Fortress customer test and production Completed several telephony systems migrations Establish provider/carrier presence in the SDC Completed Unisys Mainframe migration and the stand-up of the IBM Mainframe to the SDC 9

10 SDC Move Ph 2- Scope SDC Move Phase 2 moves the remaining systems out of OB2 into the SDC. In Scope: Equipment supporting CTS services such as: CTS internal support systems Security systems Telephony system Network systems Customer agencies in OB2 A la Carte 10

11 SDC Move Ph 2- Next 90 Days 11

12 SDC Move Ph 2- CTS Devices 12 CTS teams are working to remove any/all remaining equipment in OB2 by the end of the project. Any equipment that will not be migrated to the SDC will be decommissioned.

13 SDC Move Ph 2- Security 13 The Enterprise Security Services team is working to migrate remaining security services from OB2 to SDC. The remaining services to migrate include: Web Services Gateways VPN Services Load Balancer “Secman” - Out of Band Management

14 SDC Move Ph 2– Telephony 14 Migrations complete!

15 SDC Move Ph 2– Network 15 The Telecommunications Services Division team is working to migrate remaining services from OB2 to SDC. The remaining systems/services to decommission from OB2 include: T1s Vendor Trunks NGN MSPP PBX remote sites WAN Carriers / Providers

16 SDC Move Ph 2 - Customers CTS is working with customers to migrate out of OB2: There were twenty A la Carte customers with equipment in OB2. All customers have completed orientation sessions and the last High Level Design Consult will be in Jan. Six customers have removed 100% of their gear. One customer will migrate to CTS Server Hosting. Three large customers with multiple migrations have completed setup and have started migrations. Additional migrations for remaining customers are scheduled to occur until June 2015.  CTS has also supported two non-OB2 customers to move into SDC (WSP and OAH). In talks with add’t. 16

17 CTS Service Announcement A service announcement for sunsetting the OB2 Data Center was posted.service announcement

18 OB2 Equipment Room DES, CTS, and DSHS have been meeting to discuss the requirements, plan, and design or the future state of vacated data center space in OB2. Some telephony equipment (PBX) will need to stay in OB2 to support DSHS. 18

19 Customer Communications

20 Implementation Coordinators Due to the volume of CTS migrations impacting numerous systems and customers, CTS has asked each agency to identify an Agency Implementation Coordinator (AIC) to act as an agency single-point-of-contact for collaboration on the SDC Projects. Typically, the AIC: Oversees all communication / activities with CTS Is responsible for internal agency coordination in support of customer readiness activities Gathers, validates, and communicates agency requirements and readiness Coordinates deliverables with project team Develops and supports project schedule, management and reporting Identifies and escalates project risks, issues and actions items as needed Serves as an advocate of change

21 Customer Communications The SDC Projects website provides information regarding project background, status, meeting information, and migration resources.SDC Projects website The SDC Migration Calendar provides a calendar view of migration information linking back to the Technical Bulletins.SDC Migration Calendar Technical Bulletins notify customers of upcoming changes regarding SDC project-related changes. Technical Bulletins The SDC Project ASK website provides online document collaboration regarding agency migrations out of OB2.SDC Project ASK Monthly AIC meetings provide an opportunity to hear status presented and ask questions. Migration project meetings are scheduled with specific customers as needed to prepare for their migrations. 21

22 SDC Project Website 22 The SDC Projects website provides current information about the status of the projects.SDC Projects See also: Customer Readiness website

23 Migration Calendar Updates SDC Migrations Calendar 23

24 SDC Project ASK Website 24 The SDC Projects ASK website enables customer and CTS collaboration regarding the migrations.SDC Projects ASK Note: Site access is provided to current migration customers.

25 The Migration Guide 25 The Migration Guide is available on the ASK site.ASK site

26 Q&A 26

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