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Overview for Microsoft. deFacto Overview  100% Microsoft-centric:  Optimized for ECALs  Supports Migration to Wave 14 Stack  Native Excel Front-end.

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1 Overview for Microsoft

2 deFacto Overview  100% Microsoft-centric:  Optimized for ECALs  Supports Migration to Wave 14 Stack  Native Excel Front-end  SQL Server/Analysis Services:  SharePoint Integration:  M&A Reporting, Scorecards, Dashboards  Optional Web-based data submission  Fully Unified Planning Product:  Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidation, Analysis, and Reporting  Powerful, Comprehensive, and Scalable:  Proven with Fortune 1000 to Middle Market Customers  Built from the Ground Up by Experts behind Hyperion Enterprise and OutlookSoft

3 The Team Behind deFacto  Built from the Ground Up by Experts behind Hyperion Enterprise and OutlookSoft:  Designed, Built, and Implemented Marketing Leading Products:  Hyperion Enterprise  OutlookSoft /SAP BPC

4 deFacto 2.0 Features/Functions  Excel Add-In:  Input Forms  Reports  Alternate hierarchies  Properties/attributes query-ability  Maintains native Excel formulas and formatting  Book Publication Wizard  Offline support  Advanced Zero-suppression  Formula-based or matrix-based reporting  Can work with any Analysis Services cube  Drill-through to relational data  Send and receive text comments  Workflow:  Simple out of the box approval structure for Contributor, data entry, Reviewer, Approver  Ability to completely customize the approval structure.  Based on multiple time periods/entities/ categories/scenarios  Enhanced Financial intelligence:  Budgeting/Planning/Forecasting  Consolidation  Intercompany Eliminations  Reporting  Script Logic:  MDX Formulas  Foreign Currency Conversion  Customized logic for specialized business processes  Inter-model logic  Cube builder/optimizer (Modeler):  Create/maintain dimensions and attributes  Create/maintain sets of cubes  Create Alternate Hierarchies  Make copies of cubes and sets of cubes  Scorecard/Dashboard Integration:  SharePoint. Monitoring & Analytics  Other Dashboard tools – standard MSAS  Web-based data submission

5 deFacto is Totally Aligned Around Microsoft  Built and Optimized for Microsoft Products:  Works with Recent Versions of Office/SQL but Best for Enterprise and Newer Releases  Designed Product Migration Programs to Support MSFT:  Retain MSFT PPS Planning Customers /Convert SAP BPC Customers  Migrations Are Quick and Very Cost-Effective  Very High Level of Reuse of Assets (Application Design, Models, Business Rules, Dimensions, Hierarchies, Report & Template Designs, ETL, etc.)  deFacto Team has Intimate Knowledge of PPS and BPC  Microsoft Community is Our Primary Focus:  Partners:  Global/EPG: MSFT Direct Sales/Account Teams, Tectura, others;  Middle Market: Blum Shapiro, Eisner, others  BI: Solver, DSP, others:  Investing in Tight Integration/Productizing with:  SharePoint/SharePoint BI Components  Dynamics ERP Systems

6 deFacto is a Proven Solution for Microsoft Customers Across Markets Labs Mobility Media Brands Joint deFacto - Microsoft Customers

7 deFacto Outperforms Competitors: Global Telco: Former OutlookSoft/BPC customer  Application/Administration  300+ users  11 dimensions with total of 15 hierarchies  19,000 members in application  50 million records in Fact Table  Processing times from prior technology decreased from several hours to under 5 minutes  Logic transferred easily to deFacto  End-user Experience/Feedback  Love the Control Panel driven approach to reports in deFacto  Powerful Reporting - easily create reports and schedules  Input schedules – very easy to work with  Client rollout much simpler – nothing to install, no need for admin rights, rolled out to over 300 users in one weekend

8 deFacto Wins Microsoft Deals: Financial Services Firm: Former SAP customer  Ocwen Financial:  Significant loan processor  OutlookSoft customer since 2002  Starting new division, looking for ERP/CPM solution  SAP ERP w/ BPC vs. Dynamics AX w/ supporting CPM  Looked at ER, dismissed out of hand.  deFacto won the deal:  Features/Functions - Improved OutlookSoft/BPC  Cost – A fraction of OutlookSoft/BPC  deFacto team  Application/Administration  Budgeting/Forecasting/Planning/Reporting  Allocation Logic/later use for Consolidation  30 growing to 100 users

9 deFacto Information Resources  Pinpoint URL:  px?solutionid=a15a68b61e194ba2b70fcc170a8c1e29&partnerid=d3e 5313d-dd3e-4941-a5cc-5e54bc9d5091 px?solutionid=a15a68b61e194ba2b70fcc170a8c1e29&partnerid=d3e 5313d-dd3e-4941-a5cc-5e54bc9d5091  Website URL:  www.deFactoGlobal: www.deFactoGlobal  Collateral, Demos, Case Studies, FAQ’s, etc.  Microsoft Employees can have obtain MSFT Specific deFacto Information by Registering on the Partner Page  Sell Sheets  MSFT Webinar information  Other  Direct Contacts:  Bob Bedard:  Anthony D’Anna:

10 Sample Screen Shots

11 deFacto – Dynamic Reporting  Dynamic reporting and the full power of Excel  Automatic flow through of metadata changes  Supports members, lists, expansions, ranges and properties  Formatting follows drill  Current view driven  Drill by dimension and guided drill  Dynamic time periods and offsets  Ability to nest dimensions  Property driven conditional formatting & calculations  Report wizard, row and column templates

12 deFacto – Data Entry/Data Development  Full support of native Excel formatting and formulas  Iterative data submissions and refresh  Comprehensive control over what is open or closed for data entry  Conditional formatting of input fields  Single input form can be used to submit data for multiple dimensions

13 deFacto – MOSS Integration  Ability to take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint  Deliver scorecards and dashboards via PerformancePoint Monitoring & Analytics and ProClarity – now part of MOSS  Utilizes the same Analysis Services cube as deFacto – a real single version of the truth  Reporting Services reports for Model and metadata

14 deFacto – Workflow/Assignments  Supports iterative input/data development before submission  Complete control over data available for submission  Ability to use pre-defined forms or user-defined forms  Supports both data entry and data loads  Workflow hierarchy of approvers and submitters with full status of the workflow process

15 deFacto – Data Manager  Business user data extracts and data loads  Ability to globally clear data  Can be leveraged as a valid submission as part of a workflow  Full transformations in a familiar environment  Easily recognize data issues and correct them in a familiar environment

16 deFacto – Book Publishing  Publish books of reports based on  Expansions  Lists  Ranges  Members  Output to printer or Excel  Multiple variable or fixed sections  Supports multi-tab/workbook reporting  Re-usable Book definitions

17 deFacto – Comments  Enter Comments as integrated part of Budget/Forecast process  Can enter at any intersection and any level  Uses same security as data- level security  Retrieve comments as part of Excel-based reporting  Also can report on Comments via SharePoint/Reporting Services reports

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