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Original Movie to Newer Movie Comparison

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1 Original Movie to Newer Movie Comparison
Sleeping Beauty to Maleficent

2 Sleeping Beauty The movie Sleeping Beauty, which was made in 1959, was told in the perspective of the princess Arora, or Sleeping Beauty. When she was a baby, she her parents had a celebration, but did not invite the evil Maleficent. While a few of the good fairies were giving her their birthday gifts to her, Maleficent came in and put a spell of Arora. The spell is that on her sixteenth birthday, the princess with prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. One of the good fairies uses her birthday gift to weaken the spell and

3 Continued Only fall into a long sleep, awakened by true love’s kiss. Then, all the spinning wheels in the kingdom are destroyed, and Arora taken with the fairies to live in the woods. On her sixteenth birthday, while picking berries in the woods, she meets Prince Phillip. She then comes back to her house to find out that she is the princess and is taken back to the castle, where she wanders up into one of the towers and pricks her finger on a spinning wheel. She falls into the long sleep. Meanwhile, the prince is captured but the fairies helps him escape. He battles Maleficent and her in her dragon form, then awakens Arora with true love’s kiss.

4 Maleficent The movie Maleficent, which was made this year, was told in the perspective of Maleficent. When she was a young fairy, Maleficent lived in the magical place called the Moors and had large, bird like wings. One day she meets a boy who is named Stefan. They become friends, but as he grew older he sees her less. Then Maleficent injures the king at the time in a battle, him trying to take over the Moors. The king decides whoever defeats Maleficent will be his successor. Stefan then goes to Maleficent and

5 Continued Takes off her wings. He then becomes the king’s successor and eventually has a child named Arora. Meanwhile, Maleficent earns a companion named Diaval, who can turn into animals. Mad at Stefan, Maleficent puts a spell on Arora, and after Stefan asks, turns the dieing part to a long sleep, awoken by true love’s kiss. The spinning wheels in the kingdom are destroyed and Arora taken by the fairies to live in the woods, where she grows up and Maleficent watches. While she is a bit older, Arora meets Prince Phillip.

6 Continued She also meets Maleficent, who she thinks is her fairy godmother and Maleficent grows to care a bit for her and moves her to the Moors. On her sixteenth birthday Arora learns that she is the princess and goes to the castle. There she is put in her room. Maleficent takes Phillip and gets him to Arora to break the spell but it doesn’t work. Then Maleficent kisses her forehead and the spell is broken. Stefan then comes and tries to defeat her, but her wings come back to her and she eventually defeats him with the help of Diaval as a dragon. Arora is crowned queen and the realms are united.

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