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Final /wer, our/ words Donna Helmer, M.S., CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathologist.

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1 final /wer, our/ words Donna Helmer, M.S., CCC-SLP Speech Language Pathologist

2 shower

3 grower

4 hour

5 = answer

6 flower

7 our our hands

8 mower

9 tower Leaning Tower of Pisa

10 scour

11 slower

12 lower

13 sour

14 fewer more

15 newer older

16 flour

17 blower

18 drawer

19 ewer

20 power wind power

21 thrower

22 sower

23 lawnmower

24 snowblower

25 hydropower

26 cauliflower

27 woolgrower

28 safflower seeds

29 final /wer, our/ words lower scour our flower hour grower slower tower mower answer shower

30 final /wer, our/ words safflower cauliflower snowblower sower power drawer flour fewer woolgrower hydropower lawnmower thrower ewer blower newer sour

31 final /wer, our/ words The river is lower at the fork. Scour the dishes in your sink. Our father works in the bank. Carnations are our favorite flower. What hour will we go the to baby shower? Which grower will raise the carrots? In our story, turtle is slower than the hare.

32 final /wer, our/ words May we explore the tower? Is your mower in your yard? Please answer your teacher’s questions. Bring your gift to the baby shower. Cardinals prefer safflower seeds. Does your snowblower have a pull start? Cauliflower is not one of my favorite vegetables.

33 final /wer, our/ words Do you use solar or electrical power? Put the sweater in the fourth drawer, please. We will need flour to make gravy. There were fewer dogs than cats in the shop. Our city has hydropower. Some sheep are better woolgrowers than others. The younger man was the sower of the wheat seeds.

34 final /wer, our/ words Grandfather has a riding lawnmower. Ricky is the best thrower on the team. The blower motor on the heater is broken. We really need a newer car to drive. Do you like sour Star Bursts? Fill the ewer with water and put it in the room.

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