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SupaRule Cable height meters Presented by: Gary Carroll Director Feb 2004.

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1 SupaRule Cable height meters Presented by: Gary Carroll Director Feb 2004

2 Using the SupaRule Cable Height Meter

3 Ultrasonic handheld meter for measurement of Cable height Cable sag Overhead clearance to ground. Safest method for cable height measurement. By eliminating cable contact and the use of heavy fiberglass poles Cable Height Meter

4 Key advantages: Safety: No contact with conductors One simple solution: One button-one man operation Easy to use. Efficient use of resources. Cable Height Meter

5 Competition Telescopic rods: Cumbersome, heavy to carry, break easy. Accuracy depends heavily on experience of user. Frequent calibration required. Laser Difficult to target conductors. Accurate units cost €3,000- €5,000

6 Cable Height Meter Theory of operation Sends (ultra) sound wave to target Measures time to echo Calculates distance based on speed of sound Adjusts for air temperature

7 1.Select: M(metric) or I (imperial) at the back of unit. 2.Set the CAL mode switch to the WIRE position. 3.Press the ON key to power on 4.Stand directly underneath the conductors(s) to be measured. 5.Press the MEASURE Key to take measurement 6.Press the READ key to display each of the stored wire height differences (Stored Measurements). CHM Operation

8 Newer CHMs: Same Functions/ Different Implementation Older CHM had a Clear (C) button, On newer models, to clear screen press Read (W: wire) and Measure (+) buttons together. Older CHM had a battery check button. Newer models have a low battery signal appearing on screen, if battery is low. Older units used (M) measurement to select differences between wires; newer models use READ button. Taking a reading: Press Measure (+). Unit automatically captures all wires within the ultrasonic cone. Read measurement by scrolling down the Read (W for wire) button, from 1 (lowest wire) to 2 (spacing in between cable 1 and 2), 3 and up to 6 wires, provided conductors are stacked above each other. If taking reading of wires parallel to each other, a number of separate measurement need to be taken. CHM Operation

9 Specification Accuracy:0.5% ± 2 digits Minimum gap between wires:150 mm Operating Temp. Range:-10 °C to 40 °C Battery Life (9V Alkaline type): 50,000 measurements Auto power off delay: 3 minutes Serial number location: underneath battery. Models available: 3 wires: CHM 300 6 wires: CHM 600 3 to 15 m (=10 to 50ft) Standard units: CHM 300/600 3 to 23 m (= 10 to 75ft) Model “E”: CHM 300/600E Cable Height Meter


11 This indicates a “poor target”, and normally happens when the cables are moving due to wind, etc. Screen is blank Check battery is inserted correctly. Open battery door on the bottom rear of the unit. The battery is inserted with the terminals inwards. The + and - symbols on the battery should correspond with the + and - symbols on the inside of the battery compartment. Unit does not measure all wires Ensure that horizontal distances between wires are within the sonic beam. If the display shows - - -.- - - Incorrect readings Ensure CAL mode switch is on correct position, i.e. WIRE for cable height measurement, and WALL for horizontal distance measurement. Ensure no walls or similar obstructions within 2 meters either side of unit, as reflections from these can interfere with correct operation. Cable Height Meter

12 Do: Position the unit on the ground, directly underneath the conductor to be measured. Align the unit in the direction of the conductor, with the cone, pointing towards the conductor. Keep the unit dry; if wet, leave upside down in a warm area Don’t: Avoid clutter around conductor to be measured Avoid water, rain, snow, humidity. Avoid sudden changes of temperature. Cable Height Meter

13 Warranty: 12 months from purchase date. Calibration: The CAL mode switch allows the user to periodically check the unit, to ensure it is still operating within specification. Repair: SupaRule offers repair at a standard rate. Quick turn around time - less than 1 week from receipt of unit. Return rate: Under warranty - better than 0.5% / year; typically 0.2% Product Life 5 -10 years Date Distance Measured SupaRule offers calibration certificate at €163 / unit. Cable Height Meter

14 Complementary products: Dynamic Target (DT80) with Model CHM 300DT Tripod Leather case Cable Height Meter

15 Distance Measurement Thank You Feb 2004

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