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What Am I?.

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1 What Am I?

2 I am a type of mixture; I am formed when one substance, such as water, dissolves other substances.

3 I am a chemical reaction that absorbs more energy than I release; my products have a higher bond energy than my reactants Endothermic

4 I am the type of molecule that stores genetic information in living things
Nucleic acid

5 I am an attraction between a slightly positive hydrogen atom and a slightly negative atom, such as oxygen or nitrogen Hydrogen bond

6 I am a catalyst for a chemical reaction in living things; in almost all cases I am a protein

7 Chemical bonds hold me together; I always contain atoms of more than one element

8 I am a carbon chain found in many lipids; I can be either saturated or unsaturated
Fatty acid

9 I have a positive charge if I lose an electron; I have a negative charge if I gain an electron

10 I am a reactant an enzyme acts on; I bind to an enzyme’s active site

11 I am made of amino acids; there are many different types of me with many different functions in living things. Protein

12 I am a type of bond that involves sharing of an electron pair; I hold together a water molecule.
Covalent bond

13 I am an attraction between different types of molecules; I am the reason why water clings to glass.

14 I contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; Sometimes I am found in the cell walls of plants
Carbohydrate (or polysaccharide, or cellulose)

15 I am the amount of energy that is needed for a chemical reaction to start; after I am added, the reaction can take place on its own Activation energy

16 I am always found in organic molecules.

17 Same or Different? Do the pair of words describe the same thing or different things?
Atom/Element Same Solvent/Solute Different Acid/Base Catalyst/Enzyme

18 Cohesion/Adhesion Different Monomer/Polymer Enzyme/Protein Same Endothermic/Exothermic

19 Substrate/Reactant Same Compound/Element Different

20 Situational Vocabulary: Which choice most closely relates to the vocabulary word?
Amino Acid: (a) lemon juice in iced tea (b) one of many beads on a string (b) Atom: (a) unicellular organism (b) multicellular organism (a) Covalent bond: (a) linking hands in a human chain (b) passing a basketball

21 Lipid: (a) a car’s headlights (b) a car’s gas tank
Activation energy: (a) starting a lawn-mower with the pull cord (b) eating sugary foods (a) Solute: (a) getting lost in a crowd (b) answering a math problem

22 Water molecule: (a) a ring (b) head and ears of a cartoon mouse
Activation energy: (a) a mountain (b) long, capital letter E (a) Triglyceride: (a) long, capital letter E (b) jigsaw puzzle pieces

23 pH scale: (a) letters of the alphabet (b) meterstick
Starch: (a) savings account in a bank (b) loose change in your pocket (a) Amino acids: (a) letters of the alphabet (b) magnets

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