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The Mongols and Marco Polo!

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1 The Mongols and Marco Polo!
8.02 Live Lesson The Mongols and Marco Polo!

2 Geography and the Mongols
Mongolia originally located in the Gobi Desert- very cold desert 4000 ft above sea level on a plateau (flat area of land) The land got bigger and bigger over time.

3 Nomadic Life before the Empire
The Mongols were originally split up into different tribes and moved around and fought each other A LOT! They traded with the Chinese and Persians Were cattle and sheep herders Because of their fighting the Chinese decided to build the GWOC-Great Wall of China

4 Genghis Khan Originally named Termujin but changed his name to Genghis Khan it means “universal ruler.” He was a ruthless and skilled ruler and fighter Made alliances and took tribute (bribes) with the tribes to unite them and anyone who wouldn’t be his ally he ___________! He used trebuchets to throw gunpowder bombs and attack fortresses and the siege strategy.

5 Genghis Khan’s Accomplishments
Created laws called yassa Helped peasants and soldiers and rewarded hardwork and loyalty instead of giving positions based on favoritism Tolerated other religions Laws protecting animal hunting and selling women into slavery. Created different states called Khanates

6 Kublai Khan Genghis Khan’s grandson
Created the largest area for the Yuan /Mongol Empire Made paper $ popular- no more heavy coins! Built canals, better sea travel system, created 4 classes in society.

7 Kublai Khan cont’d Created a Mongol alphabet
Increased trade on the Silk Roads Made many Chinese mad Gave jobs to Europeans instead of Chinese Didn’t accept many parts of Chinese culture, changed it to Mongol culture

8 Kublai Khan Social Structure
Mongols Had the most privileges Could work in government Central Asians Shared the most privileges with the Mongols North Chinese and Koreans Had some privileges South Chinese Couldn’t be a part of the government LARGEST GROUP!

9 Marco Polo Famous Italian traveler who went to China when he was 17.
Wrote about his journey, traveled the Silk Roads, and even lived with Kublai Khan! Credited with connecting many Chinese cultural items to Europe.

10 How were Kublai Khan and his grandfather Genghis similar and different?

11 Downfall of the Mongols
Many reasons led to the fall of the Mongols! They were great fighters but bad leaders! They expanded their empire too much and too quickly They made the native Chinese very angry They had a corrupt government Many of their population were killed due to the black plague illness (many Europeans were afraid to travel to China for fear of getting sick!) so trade declined as well. They were conquered by the Red Turbans

12 8.02 Assignment You get to travel back in time to interview one of the following: Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan, or Marco Polo Create four questions or use the four questions in the template to ask your interviewee Answer the four questions based on the facts and information you’ve learned in the module. *no simple questions that could be answered with a “yes” or “no” answer. Make sure you answer the questions in first person (for example, “I’m Termujin, but I changed my name to Genghis Khan…”) Check your interview for Purpose and Audience with a teacher, parent, or guardian! Submit your completed interview to the 8.02 assignment in the gradebook!

13 8.02 Sample Who are you? I am Kublai Khan, the son of Tolui and grandson of Genghis Khan. I ruled during the Yuan dynasty of Ancient Chinese after my uncle Ogedei took over after Genghis Khan’s death. You see…details…from the module AND in first person!

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