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Migrant Farm Workers In the US Adolescent – Young –Adult, Integrated Language Arts Emily Walker.

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1 Migrant Farm Workers In the US Adolescent – Young –Adult, Integrated Language Arts Emily Walker

2 Migrant Farm Workers 1-3 million farm workers leave their homes to work on farms or ranches in the US Most are Mexican-born men but come from all countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and other states in the US. 52% are unauthorized workers with no legal status in the United States. Average 31 years in age

3 What do migrant workers do? A migrant worker’s job is to plant, cultivate, and package fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Display a diligent work ethic and have experienced farm skills, which are both necessary for the extreme job competition Are committed to achieving a better life for themselves and their families

4 Immigration Many are seeking a life in the US that is better than the life they would have in their native countries due to political persecution, civil unrest, or severe poverty situations. Many are illegal immigrants and are in constant fear of being picked up by the Immigration and Naturalization Services (NIS)

5 Finances of Migrants 61% US farm workers’ yearly income falls below the poverty level Median income less than $7500 a year Often involves living life as a nomad with no true home, since jobs are located in different locations and different times of the year

6 Question 1 How many migrant workers are employed in the United States? 500-750 thousand 3-4 million 1-3 million 750,000-1 million

7 The Right Answer Good job! There are 1-3 million workers that come from all over the Americas. 

8 Wrong!! Sorry, there are more migrant workers than that. They came from many, many different countries in the Americas. Try Again

9 Close… there are a little less than that. Many migrant workers are not given access to the jobs in the United States due to strict border controls. Try Again

10 Nope, a few more than that! Try Again

11 Question 2 What qualities do most, if not all, of the migrant farm workers possess? Good work ethic Tall, muscular English speaking Spanish speaking

12 Correct! All migrant workers have to have a great work ethic in order to be considered for the competitive job positions they seek. 

13 WRONG! Although most of the workers were young, with the average age of the workers being 31, height and build are not qualities that were necessary. Try Again

14 Good Try While there were migrants that could speak English, this wasn’t a skill that many workers had. Try Again

15 Sorry, While a good percentage of the workers spoke Spanish, the number isn’t the majority. Since workers come from many different countries, there is enough diversity in the employees. Try Again

16 Question 3 Why do most migrant workers come to the United States? To escape slavery Pay is better and better living conditions Pay is better and better living conditions It is easier to get a job To live in a safer community in order to raise children To live in a safer community in order to raise children

17 Right!!! The US offered more money for small jobs than many other countries, even though they were still paid under minimum wage. They also lived in conditions that were unsafe physically and unsafe under the rule of their government. 

18 Wrong!! Not many countries in this area still practice slavery, even though the conditions politically are not civil or structurally sound. While most do not come to escape slavery, the US does offer improved conditions. Try Again

19 Nope! There are more jobs in the United States, but it is still not easy to get a job, especially since most are illegal immigrants. Try Again

20 Sorry… While many did come with children, there are many single workers that go to change their lives by becoming migrant farm workers. Try Again

21 Conclusion Great job completing the quiz! The conditions that migrant workers face are not up to the standards of living most people in the US expect from their country. This is a growing problem that many Americans are not aware of, but should be better educated on.

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