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By: Cooper,Caleb,Gage. A is for: Abolitionist-Americans who wanted to end slavery.

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1 By: Cooper,Caleb,Gage

2 A is for: Abolitionist-Americans who wanted to end slavery.

3 B is for: Black codes-laws that restricted the rights of African Americans

4 C is for Civil War-a war among the people in same country

5 D is for Draft-the selection of men who must serve in the military

6 E is for Emancipation Proclamation-a document that stated that all enslaved people were freed on January 1,1863.

7 F is for Fort Sumter-is where the Civil War began

8 G is for Gettysburg Address-the speech dedicated to the Gettysburg Cemetery

9 H is for Harriet Tubman-she was a conductor, a union spy, a scout, and a nurse for the North.

10 I is for Ironclad- ships covered with iron plating The Confederates built the CSS Virginia The Union built the USS Monitor

11 J is for Jim Crow Laws-laws that made segregation legal in the South.

12 K is for Ku Klux Klan- In 1866 six former Confederate officers formed the Ku Klux Klan. Disguised in white robes and hoods, they terrorized African Americans.

13 L is for Abraham Lincoln-was the 16 th president and he was assassinated in Ford’s Theater by John Wilkes Booth.

14 M is for Malice-the desire to harm others.

15 N is for Kansas-Nebraska Act-in this act, neither territory could allow slavery.

16 O is for Public Opinion- the Emancipation Proclamation changed ideas about the reasons for fighting the Civil War. Now the fighting was about more than Southern independent or saving the Union. It was also about slavery and freedom. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation encouraged thousands of free African Americans to join the Union army and navy. The Governor of Massachusetts asked an experienced officer and abolitionists, Robert Gould Shaw, to organize one of the first African American fighting forces.

17 P is for New Political Party-the passage of the Kansas Nebraska Act led Northern abolitionists to form a new political party, the Republicans.

18 Q is for E q ual rights-the most publicized and debated constitutional amendment before the United States

19 R is for Reconstruction-rebuilding the South

20 S is for Segregation-the separation of people based on race.

21 T is for Total War-in a total war, each side strikes against the economic system and civilian

22 U is for Union- is the north

23 V is for The Battle of Vicksburg- a battle that took place in Vicksburg, it helped the Union take control of The Mississippi River, and it split the Confederacy in two.

24 W is for Women in the War-they were spies, nurses, farmers, scouts, worked in factories, they made tents,and they made bullets.

25 X is for Xanthorrhiza - a medicine taken from a root. It was patented during the Civil War. It was used as a tonic like calumba orquassia ; in infusion, decoction, tincture and was used to treat wounds and infections soldiers got during battle.calumba quassia

26 Y is for Yankee- a Union soldier during the Civil War.

27 Z is for Zouaves - Civil war units known for their colorful uniforms and bravery, first organized in Chicago by Elmer E. Ellsworth.

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