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Words for Production 1. civil [ `sIvL ] adj. of or relating to the citizens of a country 公民的 According to civil liberty, the citizens of a country have.

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2 Words for Production 1. civil [ `sIvL ] adj. of or relating to the citizens of a country 公民的 According to civil liberty, the citizens of a country have the freedom to behave and think as they wish, within the laws of that nation. * relate to 和 … 有關

3 Words for Production 2. justice [ `dZ^stIs ] n. [U] fairness in the way people are treated 公平,公正 To do him justice, I must say that Allan is an able man. The reason why he failed the job was merely that he lacked experience. 詞類變化 * to do him justice 公平地說 為獨立不定詞, 必須用逗號分開, 此不定詞詞 組之主詞為說話者。 * merely = only

4 just [ dZ^st ] adj. 公平的,公正的 The soldier fought bravely for his country and people. A medal of honor was his just reward.

5 Words for Production 3. award [ 1`wOrd ] vt. to give something to somebody as a prize 頒發 Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 for her continual help to those in need. 詞類變化 * the Nobel Peace Prize 諾貝爾和平獎

6 award [ 1`wOrd ] n. [C] 獎賞,獎品 Winning the game, the professional golfer not only received an award of $50,000 but a worldwide reputation as well. * not only … but also… as well 不但 … 而且 …

7 Words for Production 4. nonviolent [ &nAn`vaI1l1nt ] adj. not using force 非暴力的 Gandhi, the father of India, believed in peace and love and felt that the way to achieve these goals was to be nonviolent and unafraid. 詞類變化 * believe in 信仰 ( 宗教, 主義, 信念, 鬼神, …) *achieve the goal 達成目標

8 violent [ `vaI1l1nt ] adj. 暴力的 The violent scenes in the movie were cut when it was shown on television.

9 violence [ `vaI1l1ns ] n. [U] 暴力,暴行 I don’t think it’s a good idea to expose children to films that are full of violence. * expose … to … 暴露於 …

10 Words for Production 5. program [ `proGr8m ] n. [C] a plan for dealing with some matter ( 行動 ) 計畫 The government and the people argued that the nuclear program should still continue. * deal with 處理

11 Words for Production 6. concern [ k1n`s3n ] n. [U] worry; anxiety 關心,憂慮 The recent rise in crime is a matter of considerable public concern. 詞類變化

12 concern [ k1n`s3n ] vt. 使 ( 自己 ) 關心 After she finished working, she concerned herself with looking after the old people in the community. * concern oneself with 關心 * look after = take care of = care for 照顧

13 Words for Production 7. deliver [ dI`lIv2 ] vt. to give (a speech, lecture, etc.); to take something to people ’ s houses or places of work 發表 ( 演說 ) ;遞送 ( 郵 件等 ) Next

14 Words for Production 7. deliver The mayor delivered the opening address to welcome teams from different countries to join the international art festival. The boy took a part-time job, delivering morning newspapers in his neighborhood. 詞類變化 * deliver the address/speech 演講 deliver newspapers 送報紙 * part-time 兼職的 a part-time job full-time 全職的 a full-time housewife

15 delivery [ dI`lIv1rI ] n. [U] 遞送,交付 The store offers free delivery for any order over NT$100.

16 Words for Production 8. speech [ spitS ] n. [C] a lecture 演講 Our principal made a short opening speech to welcome the new teachers. * make give a speech lecture 演講

17 Words for Production 9. frustration [ fr^s`treS1n ] n. [C][U] the feeling of being upset, because one cannot control or change a situation; disappointment 挫折,挫敗 People have to go through numerous frustrations in their lives. As Ernest Hemingway said, “All sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain is not life at all.” 詞類變化 * not … at all = not in the least 一點也不

18 frustrate [ `fr^stret ] vt. 使挫折,使失敗 The rescue attempt was frustrated by the bad weather.

19 Words for Production 10. creed [ krid ] n. [C] a set of beliefs or opinions that strongly influences the way people live 信念 “Honesty is the best policy” is the successful businessman’s creed for doing business. * Honesty is the best policy. (proverb) 誠實為最上策。

20 Words for Production 11. truth [ truT ] n. [C][U] a fact or belief that is accepted as true; the quality of being true 真理;真實 性 When Copernicus discovered that the earth moves around the sun, many people challenged the truth of his statement.

21 Words for Production 12. self-evident [ &sElf`Ev1d1nt ] adj. plainly true without need of proof 不 證自明的 It is self-evident that “in union there is strength,” so let’s work together on this project.

22 Words for Production 13. equal [ `ikw1l ] adj. having the same rights or opportunities as everyone else, whatever one ’ s race or sex; the same in size or amount 平等的;相同的 Since “All people are created equal,” women therefore have the right to demand equal pay for equal work. 詞類變化 * All men are created equal. 人生而平等。 (from Independence Declaration) * equal pay for equal work 同工同酬

23 equal [ `ikw1l ] vt. 比得上,與 … 匹敵 None of us can equal her, either in intelligence or in talent; she is the best.

24 equally [ `ikw1lI ] adv. 同樣地 Industrialization brought us great material comfort and, equally, great environmental pollution. * environmental pollution 環境污染

25 equality [ I`kwAl1tI ] n. [U] 平等 Do you think women have achieved full equality with men in the workplace?

26 Words for Production 14. former [ `fOrm2 ] adj. of an earlier time 以前的,從前的 The coal industry is now barely half its former size. Many miners are out of work. * barely = scarcely = hardly 幾乎不 … * 倍數的比較: 倍數詞 + as + adj (N) +as… = 倍數詞 + the + N + of … I have half as many books as he has. = I have half the number of books that he has. = I have half the number of his books. * out of work = out of job = out of employment

27 Words for Production 15. slave [ slev ] n. [C] a person owned in law by another 奴 隸 In the 18th century, large numbers of African slaves were brought to the US to provide labor for the cotton fields in the southern states. 詞類變化

28 slavery [ `slev1rI ] n. [U] 奴隸身分;奴役制度 In America, before the Civil War, many black people were shipped from Africa and sold into slavery. * the Civil War 美國南北戰爭

29 Words for Production 16. brotherhood [ `br^D2&h5d ] n. [C] the affection and loyalty that one feels for people whom he or she has something in common with 手足之 情,同胞之愛 Instead of starting another world war, people should try their best to achieve peace and brotherhood among different nations. * have … in common 共有 * try / do one’s best 盡力

30 Words for Production 17. oppression [ 1`prES1n ] n. [U] the condition of being treated in a hard and cruel way 壓迫,壓制 English Pilgrims sailed on the Mayflower to America in order to escape religious oppression. 詞類變化

31 oppress [ 1`prEs ] vt. 壓迫,壓制 The government oppressed its people with guns and tanks to prevent them from going against it. * prevent … from… 預防

32 Words for Production 18. transform [ tr8ns`fOrm ] vt. to completely change in form or nature 轉變 A year abroad has transformed the shy girl into a confident woman. 詞類變化 * transform… into… 轉變 … 成為 …

33 transformation [ &tr8nsf2`meS1n ] n. [U][C] 轉變 The shy girl seems to have undergone a complete transformation. She now acts with more confidence.

34 Words for Production 19. judge [ dZ^dZ ] vt. to form or give an opinion about someone or something 判斷 From his accent, I judged him to be French. 詞類變化

35 judge [ dZ^dZ ] n. [C] 法官;裁判 The judge sentenced the murderer to 30 years in prison. * sentence … to… 判 ( 某人 )… 刑

36 judgment [ `dZ^dZm1nt ] n. [U][C] 判斷 To be mature is to act as one’s own judgment directs and then be responsible for the result. * be responsible for 為 … 而負責 …

37 1. Martin Luther King, Jr. [ `mArtIn `luD2 `kI9 `dZunj2 ] n. an American preacher and a civil rights leader 馬丁‧路德‧金恩二世 Words for Recognition * civil rights 民權

38 2. Lincoln Memorial [ `lI9k1n m1`morI1l ] n. a memorial building in Washington, D.C., containing a large marble statue of Abraham Lincoln 林肯紀念堂 Words for Recognition

39 3. Georgia [ `dZOrdZ1 ] n. a state in southeastern United States ( 美國 ) 喬治亞州 Words for Recognition

40 4. Mississippi [ &mIs1`sIpI ] n. a state in southern United States ( 美國 ) 密西西比州 Words for Recognition

41 5. swelter [ `swElt2 ] vi. to suffer from heat 為熱所苦,熱得發 昏 Words for Recognition * suffer from 因 … 而受苦

42 6. oasis [ o`es1s ] n. [C] a place with water and plants in a desert 綠洲 Words for Recognition

43 7. Alabama [ &8l1`b8m1 ] n. a state in southeastern United States ( 美國 ) 阿拉巴馬州 Words for Recognition

44 1. in spite of despite; regardless of 儘管,雖然 The police kept searching for the lost mountain climbers in spite of the bad weather. Idioms and Phrases * in spite of = despite = regardless of * search for = look for

45 2. of the moment at present 目前,此刻 If we stick at it, I believe we can weather the crisis of the moment. Idioms and Phrases * of the moment = at present * weather = tide over = survive 捱過

46 3. (be) deeply rooted in (to be) strongly influenced by something; (to have) developed from something ( 信仰等 ) 深植於 Burning paper money for the dead is a tradition deeply rooted in local custom. Idioms and Phrases * the + adj = 複數名詞

47 4. live out to do something that one has planned or hoped for 實踐 Some people create an idea of who they want to be, and then they live it out. Idioms and Phrases

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