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2013 Annual Report L – Love in action I – Inspire N – Network K – Keep going.

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1 2013 Annual Report L – Love in action I – Inspire N – Network K – Keep going

2  L-I-N-K with parents, community, partners, beneficiaries and general society, offering programme interventions with a holistic and sustainable approach  PURPOSE: To strive to do the best we can, with what we have for the project beneficiaries, personifying a true spirit of altruism, which seeks to work for the good of others, not self glory, power or wealth, because “people” matter more than things.

3  Received funding from Transnet Foundation to assist in various aspects of the project over a period of 3 years; SCE’s 1 st major Donor.  Received 3 year renewable Lease for premises in Crosby located at Transnet Industrial site, close to the settlement for easy access to SCE Centre, from Transnet Properties (Pty) Ltd.  Initial establishment of the Toy Library; to be used in conjunction with the Fun with English (FwE) program.  Implementation of the AWANA spiritual program.

4  Slovo Centre of Excellence (SCE) took transition from incubation status, to that of self governance, being a registered NPO Project. Application as a PBO Organisation applied for; confirmation of this still being awaited.  A specific program called “Fun With English” (FwE), using the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) concept was devised (see more of FwE program under this heading).  Mandela Day commemoration (see more on this)  Enterprise Development Initiative (EDI) launched for income generation opportunity.

5  World Aids Day commemorated with candle lighting ceremony; LIFE celebrated with song and dance by beneficiaries.  New temporary/semi–permanent volunteers join the team; though sine left when stipends no longer affordable.  Ongoing partnership with University of Johannesburg (UJ)  Securing of new donors and partnerships

6  10 x Program Facilitators from Slovo Park were trained; including staff, to facilitate this program.  Service Provider (SP) Magri’s Language Institute, devised special curricula to suit needs and levels of beneficiaries, using TESL concept, teaching the basic English Language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Four Levels of curricula for the different age groups have were devised.  Program implemented May 2013; regretfully due to budget shortage, stipends for Facilitators could no longer be paid. Program put on hold in September’13, until budget will be available.

7 4 Levels of learning from beginner for toddlers – to grade 8-10 for English as a 2 nd Language.

8  SCE hosted various organizations for their contributions o this day, at our Transnet premises. Viz. City of Jo’burg, UJ Volunteers, Gauteng Health Department (GHD), Pik-it-Up.  Parents, Children & Senior Citizens were invited to attend as our special guests of honour  Blood pressure, disability, physio assessments performed by Practitioners from GHD.  Face painting, fun, game activities for the kids  Pik-it-up skit performed about cleanliness and hygiene  Hip-Hop dance crew performance; telling a story  Food parcels, lunch served, toy give-aways



11 Many orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in the project may be affected or infected by HIV AIDS thus this is a very important day on our calendar

12  PEPFAR: President’s Emergency Plan For Aids Relief Assistance with purchase of Equipment (fridge, stove, crockery), Enterprise Development Initiatives, administrative costs  WIPRO Technologies SA: An IT company. plan to establish a Computer Incubation Lab. Training to be given to a nominated staff member, to set up an Internet café. Wipro also assisted with much needed operational funding for last quarter of 2013  SOLGAR South Africa, assisted with consistent monthly cash donation.

13  GCC Technologies: IT support and sponsorship of donations in kind  Mr Abe Prince and Ms Farieda Rhoda: beneficiary donations towards the After School Care Programs  Jordan House: various donations in kind to project  Solectron: Provision of Security and various miscellaneous items  EtV : Special broadcast Program, Christmas closing treat at studio. Also, funding towards social outing for beneficiaries  Gauteng Health Department: Mandela Day contributions  Pik- it-Up: Mandela Day contributions  City of Jo’burg (CoJ): Region B, ECD Unit – Special outings  CoJ Food and Vegetable Market – Veggie pack contributions  Pick n’ Pay Brixton – Donation in kind, non perishable groceries  Cotlands: Toy Library Training Sponsored  Family Worship Centre: Equipment donated  Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre: Toys for Toy Library

14  The Slovo Centre of Excellence is most appreciative to all donors, sponsors, parents, and friends of the project for their support given and shown in 2013. Thank you for joining the SCE platform to L-I-N-K and make a difference in the lives of those most needy of our service.  Sincere thanks and appreciation to the Board of Trustees and Management Committee, for their exceptional support and guidance in decision making by attendance of meetings to strategise for the 2013 way forward. “Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings.” -Nelson Mandela-


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