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Civil Rights Movement. Civil Rights Movement Photos.

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1 Civil Rights Movement

2 Civil Rights Movement Photos

3 First Lady of Civil Rights Rosa Parks was Born on February 4, 1913. She grew up to be a wonderful young woman. One day she took a bus and the driver asked her to move for a white man. She refused and he said I will have to call the police. He went out to a payphone and called the police. They got to the police office and they confiscated her bag and got a finger print taken. African Americans stopped taking the buses which hurt business for the bus company.

4 Nonviolent Boycott Two local Baptist ministers, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ralph Abernathy started a Nonviolent Boycott after Rosa Parks arrest. They had the Boycott so long that they eventually had to desegregate the buses. Soon similar activities such as that spread across the South. King became the leading voice of the Civil Rights Movement. He also had a speech called…

5 When?  Started: December 1, 1955 when it brown vs. board of education  Ended: and ended in 1965 when the voters rights act was signed  Spanned: it lasted about 10 to11 years

6 From 1850 -1965  Rosa Parks - Refused to leave her seat on the bus  Martin Luther King Jr. – Gave a speech “I had a dream”  Ralph Abernathy – Started a nonviolent boycott in protest  Oliver and Linda Brown – Told the board of education how he felt  Mary McLeod Bethune – created schools for black kids  Ruby Bridges – Helped end segregation in schools  Fredrick Douglass – helped end slavery for he was once a slave  John F. Kennedy – helped pass laws to help blacks education  Abraham Lincoln – ended slavery  John Brown – He helped Slaves escape  Dred Scott – Sued and lost case for freedom and lead to civil war

7 Why?  People thought it was unfair that the African Americans were treated differently so they started boycotts after Rosa Parks arrest.  The way they showed that they were angry was not taking the buses and walking, and protest like, holding signs that stated how they felt and telling the whites that they have rights, and boycotts.

8 I hope you learned a little about the civil rights movement Thank you for watching By Kelly


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