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Quiz 5 Review Reform Movements & Causes of the Civil War.

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1 Quiz 5 Review Reform Movements & Causes of the Civil War

2 What did all abolitionists agree on?

3 That slavery needed to end.

4 Which reform movement caused the greatest tension between North and South?

5 Abolitionism

6 What was the aim of the temperance movement?

7 To eliminate all consumption of alcohol.

8 Which issue divided abolitionists?

9 how great a role women should be allowed to take in the movement.

10 Why was the Seneca Falls Convention important?

11 It was the first women’s rights convention in American history.

12 How did most southern whites feel about reform in the 1830s and 1840s?

13 They saw no need to reform their society.

14 What was the main goal of public education reformers?

15 to train the young to be informed, responsible citizens

16 What did prison reformers hope to achieve?

17 more humane conditions in prisons

18 Which escaped slave started an abolitionist newspaper called The North Star?

19 Frederick Douglass

20 What did work in the abolitionist movement lead to for many women?

21 experience in seeking political change

22 Why did many southern whites criticize northern business owners?

23 They accused them of not caring about their workers.

24 What resulted from the territory the United States gained after the Mexican War?

25 It contributed to worsening relations between the North and South.

26 What was the purpose of the Fugitive Slave Act?

27 force all Americans to help catch escaped slaves

28 Under popular sovereignty who made the decision whether or not to allow slavery in a territory?

29 the voters of the territory.

30 Why did abolitionists object to the Dred Scott decision?

31 B/c it meant Congress had no power to ban slavery anywhere.

32 Why did seven southern states secede from the Union in 1860-61?

33 In protest of the election of Republican Abraham Lincoln as President.

34 What event began the Civil War?

35 The Confederate attack on Fort Sumter.

36 How did the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin affect American society in the 1850s?

37 It convinced many Northerners that slavery would ruin the nation.

38 What was the Wilmot Proviso?

39 A bill stating that slavery would not be permitted in any territory gained from Mexico. It never became law.

40 What did the Compromise of 1850 determine in regards to California?

41 That it would be a free state.

42 Who were the main supporters of the new Republican Party?

43 antislavery Northerners

44 How did “Bleeding Kansas” earn its name?

45 from clashes over slavery

46 What did John Brown hope to accomplish by attacking the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry?

47 He hoped to start a slave uprising.

48 Who were the Grimke Sisters?

49 Southern sisters who moved north an began publishing antislavery literature

50 What was significant about John Brown?

51 He led a massacre of proslavery men in Kansas, which led to the region being called “Bleeding Kansas.”

52 President Questions Know the accomplishments of – John Quincy Adams – Andrew Jackson – Martin Van Buren – William Henry Harrison – James K. Polk

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