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Slavery Debate. US Constitution Ignored the slavery question Country too weak to handle Will not discuss it for 20 years (Gentleman's Agreement) Slavery.

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1 Slavery Debate

2 US Constitution Ignored the slavery question Country too weak to handle Will not discuss it for 20 years (Gentleman's Agreement) Slavery not even mentioned in Constitution

3 Eli Whitney Cotton Gin was created in 1793 It removed the seeds from the cotton Increased the production of cotton Slavery is going dramatically increase as a result

4 YearCotton Production in bales Slave Population in the White Population in the Number of Slave States 17903,135697,8971,615,4346 179516,7197 180073,145893,0412,195,3058 1805146,2908 1810177,6381,191,3642,988,1308 1815208,9869 1820334,3781,538,0383,995,80911 1825532,91512 1830731,4522,009,0505,366,21312 18351,060,71112 18401,346,2322,487,4557,255,54413 18451,804,22315 18502,133,8513,204,31310,026,40215 18553,217,41715 18603,837,4023,953,76013,811,38715

5 Slave Holding Statistics 75% of whites did not own slaves 66% of rural farmland in the south was owned by 10% of the population Only 2% of landowners owned more than 50 slaves Primarily on Plantations (Cotton) In some counties African Americans counted for 75% of the population

6 Mason-Dixon Line

7 Why is there no slavery in the North?

8 Liberia President Monroe’s solution The American Colonization Society formed 1817 Over 15,000 slaves sent there Abolitionist 1 st efforts

9 Missouri Compromise 1820

10 Henry Clay Missouri enters as a slave state Maine Enters as a Free State Any states south 36 deg 30minutes was a slave state any north were free Must be an equal number of free and slave states


12 Nat Turners Rebellion Led an uprising Slaughtered 60 Virginians Lasted 2 days 50 Rebelling Nat Turner Executed Caused widespread fear in the South ◦ Remember the Haitian Revolution!!!

13 Abolitionist William Loyd Garrison ◦ Founded the American Anti-Slavery Society ◦ Liberator  Newspaper Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass ◦ Told story of slavery Whig Party

14 Gag Resolution 1836 It required all antislavery appeals to be tabled without debate Attacked right of petition 8 years to get it to repeal (John Quincy Adams)

15 Oregon/Texas Fight 1844 North helps South with Mexican War, South promises to help North with Oregon 54 deg 40deg fight (54 40 or Fight!) President Zachary Taylor ◦ Before he leaves Texas makes it a state  South is happy, doesn’t help the North  Oregon becomes 40 deg line

16 Wilmot Proviso 1846 Any territory in the Mexican cession has to be absent of slavery Obviously got turned down by the South Demonstrates the increase tension

17 Popular Sovereignty 1848 General Cass State would choose if they are to be slave or free state Public liked it Self determination Tossed the slavery question to the laps of the people

18 Free-Soil Party 1848-1852 Formed from Whigs and Northern Democrats against Popular Sovereignty Single Issue Party Stop the Spread of Slavery Short lived

19 California Gold Rush 1849 California Read to become a state sooner than expected Does not want to be a slave state Would throw off the balance Created Constitution opposing slaver 1849

20 Compromise of 1850 California admitted as a free state Utah and New Mexico determined by Popular sovereignty Resolved the Texas issue ◦ Assume debt for loss of land Abolish the slave trade in District of Columbia Stronger Fugitive Slave Act


22 Fugitive Slave Act 1850 Federal marshal who did not arrest a runaway slave fined 1000 dollars All you needed was an owners word for property ownership Suspect could not ask for a jury Anyone helping 6month jail 1000 dollars fine Officers who captured a runaway slave got a bonus Commissioner received 10 dollars for every slave returned and 5 dollars for every slave set free

23 Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1852 Harriet Beecher Stow Fictional Story of Slave movement Angered the North Was exaggerated which upset the South Best selling novel of the 19 th Century “So you’re the little woman who started this great war.” -Lincoln

24 Ostend Manifesto 1854 Secret plot to acquire Cuba $120 million Plot was leaked out Free Soilers already angry from Uncle Tom’s Cabin Could no longer acquire Cuba

25 Gadsden Purchase 1854 Bought it from Mexico for 10million Wanted it just for the purpose of a railroad. Northerners hated it because large sum of money for desert Opened up the territories

26 “Bleeding Kansas” 1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 Settled by popular sovereignty Wrecked Missouri Compromise and Compromise of 1850 Causes the Republican Party to be established Free Soil Lawrence Burned John Brown Pottawatomie Creek 1856 Sumner beaten by Brooks Kansas becomes free 1857

27 Dred Scott Decision 1857 Sued for his freedom Lived in Free state as a slave but sued when he lived in a slave state Ruled Missouri Compromise Unconstitutional

28 Lincoln-Douglass Debate Lincoln is brought to the publics eye Most famous was in Springfield He relied on Logic rather than table thumping Freeport Doctrine ◦ If the people do not want slavery then they do not have to have it ◦ Lincolns going to lose b/c of this idea

29 John Brown’s Harpers Ferry 1859 He seized a federal arsenal Killed 7 people and injured 10 more Brown gets pinned down and shot His followers would be Rounded up by local marine And tried

30 Reaction to Harpers Ferry South extremely angry ◦ Still in fear of rebellion North saw him as a hero ◦ Unaware of his bloody past ◦ Said they hung a reformer ◦ On his execution they rang bells, fired guns, lowered flags

31 Election of 1860 4 parties ◦ Republican (Abraham Lincoln) ◦ Northern Democrat (Douglas) ◦ Southern Democrat (Breckinridge) ◦ Constitutional Union (Bell)

32 Secession December 1860 ◦ Alabama ◦ Mississippi ◦ Florida ◦ Georgia ◦ Louisiana ◦ Texas February 1861 ◦ Create the Confederate States of America

33 Crittenden Amendments Re-establish 36 30 line Lincoln Rejected it

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