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Slavery In The U.S.A (Before 1864) By Alex Parson and Seth Brock.

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2 Slavery In The U.S.A (Before 1864) By Alex Parson and Seth Brock

3 The Start Of Slavery… Slavery first started in the U.S when the first Africans were brought in to aid with farming in the early 1600s.

4 The Development of Slavery… Slavery became increasingly popular in the U.S, and by 1860, there were nearly 4 million slaves. Slaves took up nearly 1 third of the U.S population. During the Revolutionary War, the Northern states turned away from slavery, and the U.S split into the South and the North.

5 The Southern States… The Southern States included: AlabamaArkansasTennesseeDelawareFloridaGeorgiaKentucky

6 The Southern States (Continued)… LouisianaMarylandMississippiMissouri North Carolina South Carolina TexasVirginia

7 How do You become a slave?... There are 2 main ways to become a slave: Prisoners of war (A.K.A. P.O.W)became slaves Also, if you could not pay your debts, you became a slave.

8 A slaves life… Many Slaves worked as miners, or worked in plantations Others became household slaves, doing cooking and cleaning a so on… Slaves could not legally marry, have a family, testify in court, or own property. In other words, they had no freedom.

9 And now, some pictures…

10 The Underground Railroad… The Underground Railroad was a secret passageway for slaves to escape to the north for freedom. The Underground Railroad was used before the civil war(1860-1865)

11 The Underground Railroad(Continued)… Sometimes, groups of people who were against slavery organized parts of the underground railroad. More often, The Underground Railroad was made of small individuals helping slaves If a slave was caught, he/she would return to slavery with even harsher conditions.

12 The Underground Railroad Secret Language… People who went south to find slaves seeking freedom were called “pilots” Those who guide slaves to safety are “conductors” The slaves were known as “passengers”

13 The Underground Railroad Secret Language(Continued)… People’s homes or businesses that slaves could hide in were called “stations”

14 The End… Created By: Alex and Seth Produced By: Alex and Seth Directed By: Alex and Seth Thought of By: Alex and Seth Websites: Everything Else By: Alex and Seth Editing by: Alex and Seth Digital Producing By: Alex and Seth GO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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