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NightJohn and Issues of Slavery By: Kelby Chesshir Per.4 3-10-05.

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1 NightJohn and Issues of Slavery By: Kelby Chesshir Per.4 3-10-05

2 We have recently read about slavery from NightJohn and from other places on the internet. Slavery was not only in the U.S. but has been around in other countries from the past. For example in Egypt when slaves were to build the pyramids. Even so, slavery goes on in other countries today.

3 The whites went into Africa and captured the natives there. When they brought them here the whites started to use them on farms and treated them like animals. The African-Americans were put through horrible labor.

4 Hardships the Slaves Faced The slaves often worked in the fields picking cotton. They also worked in gardens or were used to “breed” just so the master would have more slaves to sell or more slaves to work. They worked all day every day for no pay.

5 Punishments the Slaves Faced These slaves shouldn’t have, but were tortured if they didn’t do jobs. They were whipped, beaten, and even had fingers or limbs chopped off.

6 The Underground Railroad Eventually, the slaves were tired of this and they tried to escape. Conductors, were the ones that would help hide escaping slaves and guide them to freedom. The leader, was an African-American woman named Harriet Tubman. She helped many get to Freedom.

7 Escaping Many slaves dared to escape to freedom. Many got what they wished and others didn’t. It was a long hard journey through forests and across rivers. They risked their lives just for one breath of free air. They knew simple little tricks to help them on their way. For example in NightJohn, John rubbed pig fat on his feet to throw off the dogs smell. Others also know that moss grows on the north side of trees.

8 Freedom After the slaves escaped they could lead a free life where they could get a job and actually work for money. This angered many southerners and it encouraged other African-Americans.

9 Slavery Abolished After slavery was abolished, many slaves were led on to believe it wasn’t. However word travels quickly. Even so, the free blacks faced racial bigotry and were not allowed the same privileges as whites. They could not share the same bathroom, water fountain, and they had to sit at the back of the buses in the 1940’s-1960’s.

10 Those days were full of hardship for all African-Americans and full of pain. Thanks to all of the brave men and women who fought for equality we live in the free country we do today.

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