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15.2 The Road to Slavery Mr. Holmes SS 8 May 13, 2013.

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1 15.2 The Road to Slavery Mr. Holmes SS 8 May 13, 2013

2 Fugitive Slave Act This act stated that slaves found must be returned to their owners. –Slaves lose their right to a jury trial. A case is decided by a federal commissioner. Commissioner received $5 for letting the slave go, $10 for returning them to slavery. –Southerners felt the law was justified. (Returned their property.) –North hated the law. (Federal Gov. was supporting slavery.) Is this fair?

3 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a book about the conditions of slavery. In the book Tom has 2 good owners and 1 awful one. Tom was repeatedly sold, beat, etc. How do you think: –A Northerner would respond to this book? –A Southerner would respond?

4 Scenario Apple, in order to build buzz about their new iphone, is offering free IPhones 7 (you know it will happen) to the first 50 people in their store. You just rush in to the store and pick them up. (First come, first served) –What do you think will happen at the Apple store based off this promotion?

5 Kansas-Nebraska Act In 1854, Stephen Douglas created a law allowing territories to decide if they are pro or anti slavery by popular vote. –This is called popular sovereignty. (Voters decide on local issues Southerners loved the idea but the north hated it.

6 Bleeding Kansas People started flooding into Kansas to vote on slavery. –Pro-slavery forces from Missouri came into Kansas to vote and won the election. –Anti-slavery forces formed their own government in Kansas. Pro-Slavery forces destroyed homes/office of the anti-slavery forces – Called the Sack of Lawrence. John Brown killed 5 pro-slavery forces. – It was called the Pottawatomie Massacre.

7 Reactions: Northerners were disgusted with the South and their pro-slavery views. Southerners were resentful toward the North for challenging their way of life.

8 Scenario 2: Someone you is “trash-talking” about yo’ MOMMA. How do you handle it?

9 Violence in Congress In May 1856, Senator Charles Sumner gave a speech attacking slavery and Senator A.P. Butler. Preston Brooks attacked Sumner with his cane breaking it. “Bleeding Kansas” and “Bleeding Sumner” became rallying cries for antislavery supporters.

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