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The Historiography of Slavery

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1 The Historiography of Slavery

2 Ulrich B. Phillips American Negro Slavery (1918)
Paternalistic, benign institution Happy slaves, good masters Slavery not $$, but whites did it for blacks’ own good (paternalistic)

3 Herbert Aptheker American Negro Slave Revolts (1943)
Challenged Ulrich’s assumptions about childlike nature of blacks Slaves were NOT submissive people without a culture – two words: Nat Turner!

4 Kenneth Stampp The Peculiar Institution (1956)
Slavery was harsh and abusive…but $$ Cruelty was a common aspect of coercing work Not much of a culture because there was no time/space Slaves resisted most in “little” ways

5 Stanley Elkins Slavery (1959) Psych/cultural impact of slavery
Brutality of slavery similar to Holocaust Black families were destroyed by slavery Separation Strict legal codes Sexual exploitation Sambo created by slavery

6 Eugene Genovese Roll, Jordan, Roll: The World Slaves Made (1976)
Slavery was a southern way of life Afr-Ams used passive resistance to control their lives, develop culture and remain “independent” Slavery was paternalistic and brutal

7 Ira Berlin Generations of Captivity (2002)
Slavery evolved and was different during different times and in different places

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