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Literacy in Social Studies Professor McKeever Harriet Tubman US History Fifth Grade.

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2 Literacy in Social Studies Professor McKeever

3 Harriet Tubman US History Fifth Grade

4 Curriculum Planning Questions How have historical figures made a significant contribution to the development of our World History ? How can a historical based literature book be used to understand world history? How does Harriet Tubman impact the development of U. S History? How does Harriet Tubman play a role in our New York State history? How does Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad effect and affect our local history?

5 Rationale The purpose of this unit is to provide fifth graders with a better understanding of slavery and the Underground Railroad. The first lesson is designed to assist students in activating their prior knowledge, that exposes them to the horrors that took place in the levis of slaves. Heroines such as Harriet Tubman, are studied. Different perspectives will be explored and students will be prompted to form their own opinions about this portion of history. The culminating activity will afford students the opportunity to take a virtual ride on the Underground Railroad with the hope that they will gain an appreciation for what the slaves had to endure.

6 Learning Styles and Assessment Fifth graders are capable of taking part in structured instruction, but each lesson allows for some hands on or collaboration activities. This should make the unit more enjoyable and create an environment where students share their ideas and enhance their learning. Each lesson incorporates a different assessment. Authentic, Multiple Choice Task, CRQ and DBQ with rubrics.

7 Overall NYS Standards There are 14 New York State Standards incorporated into this unit. They cover the areas of Social Studies, Science, Math, Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, English Language Arts,and Technology.

8 Diversities ESL student will be given a script two days ahead. Student will work with the ELA suport teacher to help with the vocabulary and practice. Gifted student will be given sponge activities. (sponge activities)

9 Lesson Plan for Literacy and Social Studies Educational Goal: As a result of this lesson, students will synthesize the information presented in previous lessons about slavery and the Underground Railroad, and the information gathered from the National Geographic Underground Railroad website, to enhance their comprehension of this topic.


11 Behavioral Objective As a result of this lesson, students will be able research material on a given website to fill out an activity sheet. Using powerpoint presentations, students will create and produce a skit about what life was like for escaping slaves.

12 Materials Computer lab with internet access Activity sheet Pencils Box of props for skit

13 Time Introduction 10 minutes Engaging Questions and Discussion 30 –40 minutes Skit Presentations with powerpoint (next day) Closure 15 minutes Rubric (during skit presentation )

14 Prerequisites Students will have completed lessons 1-3 of this unit. Students will have experience writing a simple script. Students will already have experience in role playing. Students will be able to locate places on a map. Students will have experience using powerpoint.

15 Development Divide the class into 4 collaboration groups. Explain that each group will be using the information gathered throughout this unit to develop brief skits about what it was like for escaping slaves. Explain that their goal will be to try to gain appreciation for what escaping slaves had to endure in order to achieve freedom. Introduce the students to the National Geographic Underground Railroad Website.

16 Continued---- Hand out the activity sheet and review it. Remind students that they will need to take notes as they navigate through the website. They will need to be aware of important people,obstacles, and conditions that escaping slaves encountered. Students will write a skit that will last 3-5 minutes, depicting one part of an escaping slave’s journey.

17 Continued----- Students will need to decide where the skit takes place and be able to point to the location on a given map. All group members must be involved and a narrator chosen. See rubric for presentation. ( )

18 Assessment Document Based Question

19 Escaping Slaves Skit If you were an escaping slave, whom would you trust? What obstacles and challenges would you face? How might you overcome them? What are the risks if you were captured? Where did you escape from and what is your destination?

20 Procedure for Skit Collaboration Groups are formed. You will share computers and go to the website: ( ) You need the following activity sheet to fill out on your journey.Review it first.activity sheet After gathering info, review your activity sheet with the teacher. Teacher approval with now give you permission to write a skit. You will have 3-5 minutes, depicting one part of an escaping slave’s journey. (Refer to approved activity sheet) Everyone must take part in the skit to obtain a collaboration grade. (See Rubric)







27 Closure Students will use a peer group evaluation to determine how the skit presentation was shared with the group. See peer group evaluation. Self-evaluation with reflections.

28 Rubric for Powerpoint Click the following, then you will see the rubric: –Presentation of Research RubricPresentation of Research Rubric

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