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Roman Slavery. Republic – Roman farmers, shepherds, and laborers.

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1 Roman Slavery

2 Republic – Roman farmers, shepherds, and laborers

3 Republic – foreign conquest brought foreign slaves and changed the labor market

4 Empire – slaves outnumbered free citizens (Handout, #1 & 2) Horace says that a man of modest means should have at least ten slaves. Tacitus mentions a magistrate with 400 slaves at his city house.

5 All manual labor, much professional labor performed by slaves.

6 Supply War captives – sold by Quaestor to wholesale dealers and auctioned in Rome Rome one of largest slave markets in the world Prices – ca. $100 for male worker ca. $28,000 for educated grammarian Top prices went for beautiful children or for the unusual. (Handout, #3)

7 Status Public Slaves – working under Quaestors and Aediles Private Slaves – Familia Urbana Familia Rustica Factories were organized for production by skilled slaves – e.g., bed makers, book copiers. Peculium – traditionally a sum for slave’s use to bankroll personal projects (Handout, #4)

8 Dominica Potestas – master’s power, generally termed, also manus Escaped slaves branded or collared: ‘F’ (Fugitivus) “Fugi. Tene me. Cum revocaveris me, d. m. Zonino, accipies solidum” Punishments – flogging, beating, furcifer, sent to farms/mines, crucifixion (Handout, #5 & 6) Common curse: “I ad crucem!”

9 Manumission – legal freeing of slave 1 st Generation – ‘Freedmen’ 2 nd Generation – ‘Free’ – eligible for office and to rise in social status Freedmen often resented by native plebians and lampooned In literature as noveau riche.

10 Ultimately, under the empire slavery Laws were ameliorated – Handout #6 Household slaves tend hair of the mistress.

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