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Plantations and Slavery Spread

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1 Plantations and Slavery Spread
The invention of the Cotton Gin and the demand for cotton caused slavery to spread in the South

2 Key Vocabulary and Key People
Cotton Gin Spirituals Key People Eli Whitney Nat Turner

3 The Fabric of our lives As the need for cotton grew cotton production remained slow with one slave cleaning one pound of cotton a day Eli Whitney Invented the Cotton Gin to increase cotton production to 50 pounds of cotton per worker per day

4 Cotton Boom Four Effects of the Cotton Gin:
Cotton Farming moved Westward into Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas Cotton Production increased due to demand Native Americans were driven off southern lands Slavery Increased and Eastern slaves we sold to the south and west

5 The Have’s and have Not’s
The Demand for Cotton grew ten times in ten years from $22 million to $200 Million With the demand for cotton the price of a slave increased as well Slavery Divided the south as 1/3rd of the population owned a slave and were large plantation owners Those small farm owners that did NOT own slaves supported slavery and hoped to become wealthy and buy slaves themselves

6 Division Of Labor Slaves made up 1/3rd of the south’s population with some doing back breaking labor, domestic labor, or factory work Eight Percent of African Americans were free living in the northern part of the south Free Africans also faced many problems and were forced to move North or risk being put back into slavery

7 Extra Strength Medication
Slaves used culture including religion, personal bonds, and music to survive plantation life Slaves would use spirituals to spread messages and beliefs Spirituals formed the foundation for Jazz and other forms of American Music

8 Family Matters Slavery, and slave auctions, split families apart and caused the cruelest grief among slaves Slaves would marry, have children, and carry on family life though it was looked down upon Some slaves risked their lives to visit their children, or even run away to freedom

9 Tense Situations Early Slave revolts were unsuccessful and unsupported
Others, like the rebellion led by Nat Turner, became violent killing 55 white southerners Turner’s rebellion led to the deaths of 200 Africans and harsh laws to prevent other rebellions The Rebellion also led to increased tension between the south and north

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