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Slavery By: Micah Ledford-Mason Fox- Lindsay Holland-Kati Valentine- Austin Sorrells.

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1 Slavery By: Micah Ledford-Mason Fox- Lindsay Holland-Kati Valentine- Austin Sorrells

2 Coming to America LH AS The trip to the United States lasted between 6- 10 Weeks of travel. Once the slaves got to the United States they had a period of “breaking in” when that was done they were put up in an auction booth to be sold just as people do with cattle and things like that the slaves were treated like they were not humans. Once the slave was bought the owner would brand them with “estate marks” which showed which house they worked at and who their owner was.

3 Coming to America LH AS The slaves didn’t have a choice of what to do they had jobs such as picking cotton and many other things people would not want to do. Since a master owned the slaves they were not paid to work. They were also often treated with abuse but some kept up a high spirit in high hopes.

4 Coming to America LH AS The African slave came to America on a ship with 500 other people cramped together side by side. If they had to use the bathroom or throw up they had to right were the were laying They were rarely aloud to get up and move round at all

5 Life as a Slave ML Very Difficult- Slaves worked from Sunrise to Sunset (even children and elderly people worked) Slave owners gave them very little clothing. Most slaves just wore rags. Most slave mothers worked overtime during the night to try and get her family clothes. Had Sunday’s and most Holidays off.

6 Life as a Slave ML Slaves did work like gardening-building- wood splitting- and anything else that the slave owner told them to. The slave owner gave the slaves the least amount of food to survive. Slaves lived in small stick houses with dirt floors. The homes had cracks in them and were poorly ventilated. Slaves were allowed to marry because it added to the owners wealth.

7 Life as a Slave ML If the marriages became a problem the owner could sell them to other owners and put them apart to where the relationship was broken. If the slaves did not do their work or was caught trying to escape they would be beaten harshly.

8 Resistance to Slavery KV The slaves would pretend to be sick, refused to work, do their jobs poorly, destroy from equipment, set fire to buildings, and steal food. There plan was to mess up routines of the plantation in any way possible.

9 Resistance to Slavery KV 1800 Slaves planned to burn down Richmond (capital of Virginia) and to take the governor prisoner. 1831 Nat Tuner organized a revolt in Virginia a close-knit group where they go around killing any whites( mostly women and children). Only a few slaves joined Tuner. He was tried and was hung a few months later. Early 1832 After Tuner many farmers on the western part of Virginia started to think it was time to end slavery but it would have to pass through two houses.

10 Struggle for Freedom MF Slavery dominated the southern states in the 1800’s. Slavers were brought to America to do some work and then they would be freed. Plantation agriculture growth, and the industrial revolution that prevent slaves from gaining their freedom.

11 Struggle for Freedom MF Word about this spread to the south and more people became interested, the harder it was to stop. In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, 400,000 people were brought to the us to be sold as slaves. By 1860 the number jumped to 4,000,000 people.

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