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2500P-ACP1 Application Coprocessor

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1 2500P-ACP1 Application Coprocessor

2 2500P-ACP1 Application Coprocessor
Highlights Programs using new CTI Workbench Integrated Development Environment for IEC-61131 Exchanges process data between RLL program on the host PLC and Workbench program using High speed backplane in systems which support it Ethernet patch cable to CTI CPUs w/o high speed backplane High density word interface (32WX, 32WY) for legacy TI505 systems Supports Ethernet communications to external devices CAMP client Modbus Client/Server (Ethernet and serial) ASCII communications (serial) Network Data Exchange communications using publish/subscribe directly to other 2500P-ACP1 or 2500P-ECC1 modules Data logging to SD card under control of Workbench program, and automatic transfer of files to ftp server Applications: emission monitoring, gas flow calculations, turbine control, automatic loop tuning, multivariable control, data logging & archiving

3 2500P-ACP1 Application Coprocessor
How Does It Work? RLL IEC 61131 2500-Cxxx running program in RLL + SF 2500P-ACP1 running IEC application in RLL, ST, FBD, IL

4 2500P-ACP1 Application Coprocessor
What Does It Do For Me? Allows you to move extensive or time-consuming calculations to a separate processor Much more extensive instruction set gives new capabilities that are not possible using existing “TI-RLL” or SF programs Allows you to experiment and begin a migration to IEC without having to re-engineer your process program Program/process expansions can be added in IEC using the coprocessor For validated processes, no changes to the existing program means little or no re-validation Program source can be stored on the module!

5 2500P-WB Workbench Program editors for all five IEC languages
Highlights RLL Integrated Development Environment for IEC-61131 Program editors for all five IEC languages Extensive online debugging tools Project Automation architecture allows CTI to easily expand the product in the future with wizards for common or complex tasks Built-in peer-peer communications between Workbench projects (using the Network Data Exchange protocol from 2500P- ECC1) FBD ST / IL SFC

6 2500P-WB Workbench RLL Editor
Create and manage ladder diagrams according to the IEC standard Keyboard shortcuts for common tasks Supports drag/drop and copy/paste of networks

7 2500P-WB Workbench FBD Editor
Create and manage FBD diagrams according to the IEC standard Supports drag/drop, copy/paste, block resizing, connection line routing RLL can be inserted into the FBD diagram

8 2500P-WB Workbench ST / IL Editor Full syntax coloring
Auto-completion of variable name Auto-completion of function name View variable value in source code Tool tip with variable or function information

9 2500P-WB Workbench SFC Editor
Supports drag/drop, copy/paste, block resizing, connection line routing Automatic chart formatting when inserting or deleting items

10 Online Debugging Tools
2500P-WB Workbench Online Debugging Tools RLL Online Debugging Tools User constructed graphical displays running under Workbench Step by step debugging with breakpoints Works in ST/IL, LD, FBD Three choices for monitoring/logging variables Digital Trace for “logic analyzer” style display SoftScope for “oscilloscope” style display Spy List for “chart” style display Recipe manager FBD ST / IL SFC

11 2500P-ACP1 and Workbench Demonstration
CPU-A ECC1-A ACP1 CPU-B ECC1-B Read V50 from CPU-A, multiply by 2, put result in V51. Create a counter which increments on every cycle of the Workbench program. Write the value of the counter to V52 in CPU-B using CAMP Client to the 2572 Ethernet port Write the value of the counter to V52 in CPU-A using the data cache connection

12 2500P-ACP1 and Workbench Demonstration Module web server
Screen and workspace overview Project settings Source storage on target Overview of functions available Spy list Convert programs between languages GUI language change Load “compact-io”, show single-cycle debug Structure variables UDFB Create demo project

13 2500P-ACP1 and Workbench Demonstration Create new program
Create variables ToCPU_A_V51 “INT” FromCPU_A_V50 “INT” Counter “INT” Leave “main” blank Create new ST prog “incrementer” with counter:=counter+1; Create new FBD prog “multiplier” with multiply block, inputs “FromCPU_A_V50” and “2”, outputs “ToCPU_A_V51” FB configuration CAMP Client to Slave IP :1505 (2572 on PLC-B) Write “counter” to V52 Data Cache connection to (CPU-A) Read from V50 into “FromCPU_A_V50” Write to “ToCPU_A_V51” to V51

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