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FloBossTM 104 Flow Manager

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1 FloBossTM 104 Flow Manager
Now, one flow computer is cost effective for either rotary or turbine metering.

2 Introducing the FloBossTM 104
The FloBossTM 104 is a compact, high-performance flow computer that is cost effective for fiscal measurement. It performs API 21.1 compliant flow measurement when used with pulse-generating devices, such as rotary, turbine, and ultrasonic meters. The FloBoss 104 shares its advanced technology platform with the FloBoss 103, its orifice metering twin.

3 Ideal for Rotary and Turbine Metering
The FloBoss 104 mounts directly to a rotary or turbine meter and easily handles the slow rotational speed of a rotary meter or the high-speed pulse trains generated by most turbine meters. When line pressure and temperature are measured along with the pulse train, the FloBoss 104 can provide high-accuracy flow measurement.

4 High Performance Pulse and Pressure Sensing
When used with a Rotary meter, the Pulse Interface Module creates and measures electrical signals (pulses) from the rotary meter and raw pressure inputs from the pressure transducer. When used with a Turbine input, the pressure is measured by the pressure transducer and pulses from the turbine meter are measured by the Pulse Input on the optional I/O board.

5 FloBoss 104 Typical Applications

6 FloBoss 104 Functional Overview
The FloBoss 104 provides these outstanding functional features: API/AGA Compliant Flow Measurement Historical Databases Event and Alarm Logs Integrated Communications Spontaneous Report-by-Exception (SRBX) Host Communication Pass-Through Communications Closed-loop PID Control Logic and Sequencing Control ROCLINK 800 Configuration Interface Data Security

7 API/AGA Compliant Measurement
The FloBoss 104 calculates gas flow in accordance with AGA7 turbine flow calculations, using AGA8 compressibility methods. Pulse counts and pressure measurement come from the Sensor Assembly, and gas temperature is acquired through an external RTD probe.

8 Historical Databases The FloBoss 104 maintains API Chapter 21.1 compliant historical archives for measured and calculated values, and events/alarms. Up to 35 standard history points can be archived on an hourly and daily basis for up to 35 days. An extended history database supports data logging at intervals from 1 to 60 minutes, giving operators the flexibility to meet the needs of advanced applications.

9 Event and Alarm Logs The Event Log records the last 240 parameter changes and power on/off cycles. The Alarm Log records the last 240 occurrences of alarms (set or clear). The logs can be viewed, saved to a disk file, or printed by using ROCLINK 800 software.

10 Integrated Communications
The FloBoss 104 offers a built-in EIA-485 port and an optional EIA-232 port or dial-up modem port for host communications. An optional spread-spectrum radio interface supports either FreeWave M-Series or MaxStream 9X Stream spread-spectrum radios that fit entirely within the FloBoss 104 enclosure.

11 SRBX Host Communication
Spontaneous Report-By- Exception (SRBX) communication allows the FloBoss 104 to automatically report any alarm to a host computer. SRBX can be performed over a dial-up modem or serial line to a host that is set up for receiving field-initiated calls.

12 Pass-Through Communications
Pass-through gives the FloBoss 104 the capability to pass information between a host and devices connected to the FloBoss 104 that use ROC or Modbus protocol. Pass-through reduces the cost of communication when several devices are geographically grouped. Pass-through is available for use with RS-485, RS-232, or dial-up modem connections.

13 Closed Loop PID Control
PID (Proportional, Integral, and Derivative) closed-loop control provides stable operation of a feedback control loop that employs a regulating device, such as a control valve. The PID loop has its own user-defined input, output, and override capability.

14 Logic and Sequencing Control
Analog and discrete sequencing control is implemented through a Function Sequence Table (FST). The FST defines the actions to be performed by the FloBoss 104 through a series of Functions. The FST is developed using ROCLINK 800 software.

15 ROCLINK 800 Configuration Interface
ROCLINK 800 is the easy-to-use software for configuration and downloading data. Compatible with other FloBoss and ROC products for mixed-product installations. On-line Help screens get first-time users up and running quickly.

16 Data Security A maximum of 16 log-on identifiers (IDs) for operators can be stored. The log-on ID entered into ROCLINK must match one of the stored IDs for the unit to communicate. Both the operator interface and host can have the same security. Security levels may be determined by user and access level.

17 FloBoss 104 Technical Features
Sensor assembly and rotary meter interface 32-bit Processor Built-in Battery Pack & Charger Embedded Communications Expandable I/O Rugged CSA-Approved Design Local Operator Display Solar Panel and Mast

18 FloBoss 104 Component Overview
Processor LCD Battery Pack & Charger Termination Board Memory Backup Backplane Modem / RS232 Pulse Interface Module

19 High-Accuracy Pulse Interface Module
Generates 1,000 pulses / revolution for high-resolution measurement Uses reliable non-contact pulse sensing Built-in pressure transducers measure upstream and downstream pressure Bi-directional pulse detection and diagnostics for easy installation, setup, and maintenance No gear trains to load down the metering device and cause inaccuracies.

20 Built-n Pressure Transducers
One pressue transducer can measure line pressure and the other downstream or station inlet pressure if desired. Accuracy is 0.35% of Span for all range options. Range Options are: 0 to 100 psi ( bar) 0 to 300 psi ( bar) 0 to 1000 psi ( bar)

21 32-Bit Processor / Backplane
High performance 32-bit processor is designed for low-power applications. Memory consists of: 128 Kb flash boot ROM 2 Mb flash program ROM 512 Kb of data RAM All boards plug into a backplane making removal and replacement quick and easy. Processor Backplane

22 Built-In Battery Pack Rechargeable lead acid batteries provide more than 15 days of autonomy, at one modem poll per day, without recharging. Real-time clock and static RAM are backed up with a 3.6V lithium battery.

23 Embedded Communications
Local Operator Interface port uses RS-232C format. Standard RS-485 port is configurable for 600 to K baud. Communication to a Host is supported by an optional RS-232 or modem card. Available protocols include ROC or Modbus Slave (ASCII or RTU). RS-232 & Modem Cards Spread Spectrum Radio

24 Expandable I/O Input for 2 or 3-wire RTD element.
Diagnostic inputs for internal voltage, battery voltage, and enclosure/battery temperature are built-in. Optional I/O board adds 6 channels of I/O to further increase its measurement and control capabilities. Termination Board

25 Rugged CSA-Approved Design
The FloBoss 104 is approved for use in Class I, Division 1 and Division 2 areas. The Solar Panel and Mast Assembly are approved for use in Class I, Division 2 areas only. Housing and end caps are die-cast aluminum alloy with iridite plating and paint. Field wiring routes through side-mounted conduit ports and connects to the termination board located behind a removable end cap.

26 Local Operator Display (Optional)
Flow information scrolls on a two-line liquid crystal display (LCD). Values (8 numerals) and descriptions (5 alpha-numeric characters) are displayed. Users configure displayed information according to their needs.

27 Solar Panel and Mast (Optional)
Optional solar panel and mast attach to the top of the FloBoss 104. Solar panel can be positioned 360 degrees in azimuth and 90 degrees in elevation for optimal sun coverage. A 2-watt or 5-watt solar panel can operate the FloBoss 104 indefinitely in a typical installation, depending on radio useage.

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