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1 A test rig for evaluation of thrust foil bearings and/or face seals 2013 NEW Proposal to TRC May 2013 Luis San Andrés Mast-Childs Professor.

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1 1 A test rig for evaluation of thrust foil bearings and/or face seals 2013 NEW Proposal to TRC May 2013 Luis San Andrés Mast-Childs Professor

2 inch in Radial Bearings Test Thrust Bearing Rotor USET research program ( ) $ k Test rig: $288.5 k USET Thrust Bearing Test Rig

3 3 Objective & Tasks ( ) Test rig funded by USET (AF) program Design & construction of thrust bearing test rig. Measurements of axial clearance, load, pocket pressures, and flow rates in a water hybrid thrust bearing. Prediction of performance from tool XL HYDROTHRUST and comparisons to test data.

4 4 Airbuffer Seals Radial Hydrostatic Bearings Rotor Assembly Test Thrust Bearing Slave Thrust Bearing Aerostatic Bearings 02 in4 in Thrust Bearing Test Rig – Cross Section Thrust Load mechanism shaker or FACE SEAL

5 5 Schematic test rig: thrust and radial bearings as mechanical elements with stiffness and damping Test element: thrust bearing or face seal

6 6 TB clearance vs. axial load: 7.5, 12.5 & 17.5 krpm Water supply pressure=250 psig (17.2 bar) XLH YDROTHRUST predictions Axial clearances are weak functions of rotor speed – hydrostatic effect mainly Predictions agree well with test data, best at highest load (400 lbf) 7.5 krpm 17.5 krpm TEST RESULTS & PREDICTIONS

7 7 Work in Test rig modified to operate with air lubricated bearings. Flexure pivot hydrostatic/hydrodynamic air bearings designed and manufactured ($7.5 k) Dr. Sangshin Park (Visiting Scholar)

8 8 8 Install bearing and measure drag torque and film thickness vs. applied axial load at increasing shaft speeds. Compare measurements to predictions from TB or SGFace seal codes. Proposed work TRC member provides face seal or thrust foil bearing for testing OR acquire thrust bearing Year I Complete revamping test rig: install instrumentation and Max speed: 30 kprm Seal or Bearing OD: 3 inch

9 9 TRC Budget Year III Support for graduate student (20 h/week) x $ 2,050 x 12 months$ 24,600 Fringe benefits (0.6%) and medical insurance ($185/month)$ 2,368 Tuition & fees three semesters ($362/credit hour)$ 8,686 Other (manufacture TB and contribute to purchase ADRE system)$ 8,346 Total Cost:$ 44,00 TRC members wish to verify/validate predictive tools for hydrodynamic thrust bearings and face seals Year I

10 10 Questions (?)

11 11 Components of Motor Drive System SKF Precision/Gilman Technologies Spindle Motor Drive (D45985 ) 22KW (30 30,000 RPM Constant torque 0 – 30,000 RPM (62 lb-in torque) Digital closed-loop speed control with LabView interface Water chiller All subsequent required hardware and software Coupling Corp. of America (CCA), Custom Coupling - FLEXXOR Twin-diaphragm or Quill shaft design with Anderson Locking hub(s) 30,000 RPM Maximum speed rating 825 lb-in max. continuous torque +/ inch Axial Travel allowance (> 8X req’d.) Low axial spring rate ( lb/0.001 inches) Weight: 2.1 – 3.5 lbs. Inertia (Ip): 2.6 – 5.3 lb-in^2

12 12 Test Rig Operation STATIC LOAD TESTS Thrust and radial bearings lubricated with water at 91F (~32 C) Open water lines and SET supply pressure into radial bearings (100 psig) Supply pressure to gas bearings supporting axial load arm (100 psig) SET supply pressure into thrust bearings: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 psig SET thrust bearings at nominal clearance (3 mil) Shaker applies axial load – increasing & decreasing MEASURE rotor axial displacements (clearances) at test & slave bearings, RECORD flow rates (in & out), pocket pressures, supply and discharge P&T’s SET rotor speed (max 25 krpm): 7.5, 10.5, 17.5 krpm

13 13 Test Rig Instrumentation Rotor lateral radial motions: 2 x 2 (X,Y) eddy current sensors: Rotor collar axial and tilt motions at test & slave thrust bearings 2 x 3 (120 deg) (Z) eddy current sensors: Thrust Force with strain gauge load cell & stinger connected to shaker. Torque mechanism not active. Turbine flow meters in supply lines to water radial bearings, and test thrust bearing INLET and OUTLET at ID Three (3) strain-gauge pressure sensors for measurement of (2) pocket and (1) land pressures in test thrust bearing. Thermocouples: inlet & outlet of test thrust bearing Pressure gauges: supply and discharge of test thrust bearing Tachometer: rotor speed LABVIEW® DAQ system and control

14 14 ORIGINAL Flexure Pivot Tilting Pad Hybrid Bearings Material: 330 Bearing Bronze Wire-EDM manufacturing Modeled using XL HYDROJET

15 15 ORIGINAL Thrust Hybrid Bearings Thrust bearings Material 660 Bearing bronze Inner diameter: 1.60 inch Outer diameter: 3.00 inch Axial clearance mil (nominal 3 mil) EIGHT (8) Pockets: Mean Diameter: 2.16 inch radial length:0.32 inch Arc length:20 degrees Depth:0.020 inch Pocket/wetted area ratio = 19% Orifice size: inch Axial injection at r=1.08 inch Test bearing Slave bearing FLUID WATER

16 16 Journal Bearings Test Thrust Bearing Slave Thrust Bearing Coupling Hydrostatic Air Bearings Thrust Shaft Rotor Journal Bearing Housing Slave Bearing Housing Test Bearing Cover inch Double Thrust Bearing (TB) configuration – face to face Air bearings support test TB housing (friction free axial motion) Max Supply pressure: 250 psi, Top speed=25 krpm Two flexure pivot hydrostatic/hydrodynamic bearings support rotor Hydraulic shaker delivers axial load to TB housing stinger Thrust Bearing Test Rig – Cross Section

17 17 Thrust Bearing Test Rig – Exploded View

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