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ROI_pac Valerie Sahakian Laura Sumiejski SIO 239 02/19/2010.

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1 ROI_pac Valerie Sahakian Laura Sumiejski SIO 239 02/19/2010

2 What the heck is ROI_pac? Takes data Gets offsets from 2 single-look complex (SLC) images Fits 2 nd order polynomial to offsets Resample SLC images (dates) Multiply complex pixels of images Gets amplitudes

3 But… Amplitudes form raw interferogram – Topography – Atmosphere – Orbit – Deformation – Etc.

4 Refine Model Removes phase from orbit geometry – Begins flattening Calculate correlation between 2 scenes Removes topography – Calculates and removes phase from DEM Subtract models from seismic interferogram Filter noise, mask (phase variance), unwrap, etc.

5 Refine Model cont. Re-estimate baseline – Use topography to refine Geocoding – Unwrapped phase Change coordinates over to geographical coordinates to match DEM

6 Directory Hierarchy Data Directory – Data Run Directory – Copies of data –.proc file – DEM directory DEM

7 Choose a Location! Use EOLi – Earth Observation Link from the European Space Agency For our example we chose an area in Southern California – 35.6° N and 120.28° W (about 36°36’ latitude and -120°18’ longitude)

8 Track 256 Frame 2889 Date 1: Nov. 10, 1992 Date 2: May 17, 1996

9 Get the Data WInSAR – Western North America InSAR Consortium – Data for western US – Members only – Data on WInSAR – Data downloadable from GeoEarthScope and Supersites

10 Inputs for ROI_pac: Raw Data For ERS1 and ERS2 – Assign master and slave Master = SARLEADER Slave = IMAGERY Note: these files should have the date appended to the end with the time stamp – Outputs: – Raw data: date.raw – Metadata for raw data: date.raw.rsc – Reformatted orbit data: hdr_data_points_date.rsc

11 Inputs for ROI_pac: Parameters DEM – Digital Elevation Model SRTM data – –Rw/e/s/n magic.DEM Process File (.proc) – Int_date2_date1.proc Radar acquisition dates Pathname for magic.DEM

12 But… On – /data/ERS1/track/frame/orbit/ – /data/ERS2/track/frame/orbit/ Copy desired data to your directory – Run Unzips files Includes Makes master and slave files Makes.proc file

13 Baseline Run – Acceptable baseline pairs – Perpendicular and parallel baselines – Etc. Note: edit path for DEM in.proc file

14 Run Wait ~ 1 hour Magic happens! To see interferogram – int_date2_date1/flat/ (from after flattening) – Note: make sure you ssh using –X or -Y

15 Success! (sort of)

16 References University of Oregon, WikiRoiPac. ku.php?id=welcome ku.php?id=welcome Fielding, Eric. ROI_pac Internals: Under the Hood, UNAVCO InSAR shortcourse. August 2009.

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