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A Child Slave in California Scholastic Scope : Sept 3, 2012.

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1 A Child Slave in California Scholastic Scope : Sept 3, 2012

2 CHILD LABOR (n). A form of slavery where the laborer is below the minimum work age. “Some employers prefer to hire child labor because the children are less likely to protest about working conditions or pay.”

3 METHODICALLY (adv). especially slow and careful; deliberate. “She methodically checked over all her answers for the test to make sure she didn’t make a mistake.”

4 ENSLAVED (v.) to make a slave of. “Enslaved people from plantations in the Americas were forced to come to Britain with their masters.”

5 FREE WILL (n.) independent choice; control over yourself and your life “If you decide to clean your room it will be of your own free will. I will not force you.”

6 EXPLOIT (v.) to use selfishly or unfairly for one’s own advantage “The computer software was exploited by the hackers.”

7 CAPTOR (n.) a person who has taken control of another person “The boy escaped his captors by undoing the latch and running to a near by house.”

8 IMMEASURABLE (adj.) too large, or extreme to measure “The new medicine has brought immeasurable improvement to her life.”

9 DOMESTIC SERVITUDE (n.) the condition of being forced to work as a household slave “Having to do simple chores around the house is not an example of domestic servitude.”

10 BENEFACTORS (n.) a person who gives help or support; especially money “She was a generous benefactor to many charities.”

11 HUMAN TRAFFICKING (n.) the buying, selling, or trading of human beings “The criminal penalties for human trafficking is 15-years-to-life and fines up to $1,500,000.”

12 OPULENT (adj.) rich, luxurious, fancy, grand, lavish “The opulent bathroom had a gold toilet and sink!.”

13 CONTRADICT (v.) to deny or disagree; to say the opposite “The mayor’s office contradicted the promises made during the campaign.”

14 INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE (n.) another name term for slavery; force labor “The man plead guilty to involuntary servitude or forced labor.”

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