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Victoria C. and Emily G. Mrs. Harts - 4 th grade 2013.

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1 Victoria C. and Emily G. Mrs. Harts - 4 th grade 2013

2  Harriet was born in 1820 or 1821  She was born in Maryland  She was called Minty and she was know as Moses to her people  Harriet got taken away from her family to become a slave  She got whipped if she did not do her work as a slave  Harriet conducted the underground railroad  She did not go to school, instead she cooked with her mom

3  Harriet did not go to school, but her father taught her things  Slaves studied reading and writing in secret. She was one of those slaves. 

4  Harriet’s interest is leading slaves to freedom

5  Harriet was a famous slave  she was famous for leading so many slaves to freedom  She lead over 300 people to freedom and made at least 19 trips

6  Being a slave  In a store there was a slave who left their master. The master came and was trying to get the slave, but the slave ran out the door of the store. The slave had a piece of metal thrown at him, but it did not hit him it hit Harriet and she almost died.  When she was on her way to freedom she saw some slave hunters nearby so Harriet, covered herself in mud to blend in and surprisingly she was not seen

7  Slaves were called “ chattel” it meant they were pieces of property  Harriet was very strong and a hard worker  In 1831 there were new laws. 1. Slaves were not allowed to gather in groups 2. Slaves were not suppose to talk while they work 3. Slaves were never to be on public roads with out a pass from their masters. The old rules became much stricter because of Nat Turner  Harriet died at age 93  When she stopped bringing people to freedom she lived in Auburn, New York  She carried a gun  There is a place called Harriet Tubman Square and there is a statue of her

8  Harriet Tubman." Biog Harriet Tubman." N.d., Web. 12 Mar. 2013. { "@context": "", "@type": "ImageObject", "contentUrl": "", "name": " Harriet Tubman. Biog Harriet Tubman.", "description": "N.d., Web. 12 Mar. 2013.

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