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A Survey of Distributed Database Management Systems Brady Kyle CSC-557 4-27-14.

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1 A Survey of Distributed Database Management Systems Brady Kyle CSC-557 4-27-14

2 Overview Cassandra Hbase Voldemort Redis VoltDB MySQL

3 Apache Cassandra Developed by Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apache Foundation Highly Available, Highly Reliable, Highly Scalable NoSQL Used by eBay Netflix Hewlett Packard, etc.

4 Apache Cassandra Fault Tolerance Peer-to-peer architecture Data Replication Ring of Nodes Data Integrity Atomic, Isolated, Durable Logs Concurrent read Customizable Synchronization Linear scalability

5 Apache HBase HDFS-based Open-sourced Column-oriented HDFS Uses master-slave architecture Name Node Data Node Good for Batch Operations

6 Apache HBase Master-slave architecture Master Node – administrative tasks Region Servers Regions – handle data Automatic splitting Client requests Concurrency Control Better for operations on individual records

7 Voldemort Developed by LinkedIn Highly scalable NoSQL Not ACID compliant Key-value system Transparent Replication Can be integrated with other DBMS’s for increased persistence

8 Voldemort Nodes Each maintain unique subset of data Allows cluster expansion without node reconfiguration Data maintained in “stores” Tables, lists, mappings Key-value system Only simple Queries Inconsistencies resolved at read time

9 Redis ANSI C Most POSIX systems Key-Value Store Keys – Strings, Hashes, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets “In-memory” data Persistence – Logs and Snapshots

10 Redis Master-slave architecture Numerous master nodes Slave Nodes – interconnected Non-blocking data replication and synchronization Scalability API Concurrency Control can be implemented

11 VoltDB RDBMS “In-memory” Reduce Load times ACID compliant Disjoint sets of data assigned to each node SQL queries executed only at target node

12 VoltDB Stored procedure interface Multiple partitions Data and processing structures CPU Cores Single threaded Sequential execution – Transactional consistency Scalable – “up” and “out” Fault tolerance K-safety Network Fault Detection Live Node Rejoin Snapshots Logs Database Replication API

13 MySQL Open-source ACID Compliant RDBMS Quicker and more flexible version of mSQL Standalone part of client-server system or linkable library Named after co-founder’s daughter, My

14 MySQL Nodes Storage Nodes Management Server Nodes MySQL Server Nodes High Availability through failure of any node type Shared-nothing architecture Transparency Fault Tolerance Communication Loss Heartbeat Failure Order

15 Comparison DBMSHeterogeneityOpennessSecurity (Integrity) ScalabilityFault Handling ConcurrencyTransparency CassandraXXXXXXX HbaseXXXXX VoldemortXXXXX RedisXXXXX VoltDBXXXXXXX MySQLXXXXXX

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