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Mastering Galera Data Masters. Special Thanks To… 1010 NE 2 nd Ave Miami, FL 33132 305-735-1274

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1 Mastering Galera Data Masters

2 Special Thanks To… 1010 NE 2 nd Ave Miami, FL 33132 305-735-1274

3 Our Sponsor! John Jadvani 954-527-0090

4  Short bio about me…  Andrew Simkovsky  15 years working with database technology  Oracle, MySQL/MariaDB, SQL Server, Postgres  Redis, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Neo4j  Worked across many industries  Consulting, Retail, Telecommunications, Energy  Data, Marketing, Gaming, Health care

5 DBTekPro @asimkovsky

6 Let’s Get Started!

7 Galera Cluster for MySQL  High availability (HA) and scaling solution for MySQL/MariaDB  A clustering solution that integrates with MySQL / MariaDB

8 Galera Cluster Concept MySQL/MariaDB Galera

9 Other HA and Scaling Solutions  Sharding  Master / Slave(s)  Master / Master  Master / Master plus Slaves

10 Sharding Application

11 Master / Slave(s) Application

12 Master / Slave(s) Application

13 Master / Master Application

14 Master / Master Plus Slaves Application

15 Basic Galera Concepts  Contains multiple nodes  Each node has a full copy of the data  Synchronous multi-master replication across all nodes  All changes to every node are replicated to all other nodes  Each node can be for reads and writes  All nodes can be accessed at the same time

16 Galera Concept Application

17 Quorum Commit  Don’t have to wait for all nodes to answer back for your changes  “Majority” rules  Committed nodes >= (N / 2 ) + 1  Minimum recommended number of nodes is 3

18 Split Brain Syndrome  Network partition between the nodes  Each node thinks its in charge  Both nodes keep taking traffic  Now both nodes have different contents  When nodes start talking to each other again, they are very confused

19 Split Brain Syndrome Application Data Center 1Data Center 2

20 Arbitrator Node  “Cheating” with 2 nodes  Acts as a third node  Doesn’t store any data  Aware of cluster state and replication status  Provides that third “commit” vote  Replication changes pass through it  Loss of direct connectivity between nodes can still be handled if arbitrator can talk to both

21 Arbitrator Node Application Data Center 1Data Center 2 Data Center 3

22 Some Other “Gotchas”  Be careful with non-deterministic functions like NOW(), CURTIME(), etc  DELETE commands on tables without a primary key are not supported  Direct writes to system tables (“mysql” database) are not replicated  Cluster enforces optimistic concurrency control  “I got here first, my transaction is good”  All other transactions locking the same row get deadlock error  Application should be configured to retry the transaction

23 Setup Overview

24 Stuff to install on each node  Operating system  MariaDB server  Galera  Percona XtraBackup

25 Setup Steps  On each node:  Set up configuration files  Start up MySQL  On first node: during startup, you tell it that it’s the first node.  The data it contains will become the “master” copy.  For each additional node that starts up, it will seek out one of its “neighbors”, and try to sync a copy of the data to itself  Source node is called the “donor”  After syncing the data, the node joins the cluster and becomes active

26 Database State Transfer  When starting up, each node needs a copy of the data  The copying of the data is called a “state transfer”  Will copy from existing nodes using one of these methods:  mysqldump  rsync  xtrabackup  For mysqldump and rsync, the donor is locked for writes during the entire copy process  Percona’s xtrabackup allows writes to happen on donor node during copy process

27 Live Demo!

28 Questions?

29 Thank You For Coming! Please rate this Meet Up: (or go there to join!) Check out my blog and forums:

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