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Harriet Tubman By Hunter King. Introduction I am Doing this PowerPoint to tell you about a great women… HARRIET TUBMAN.

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1 Harriet Tubman By Hunter King

2 Introduction I am Doing this PowerPoint to tell you about a great women… HARRIET TUBMAN

3 Anti Slavery Harriet Tubman was against slavery. In her adulthood she went to the South to free slaves. She freed up to 500-800 slaves.

4 Born a slave In the Harriet’s childhood she was born into slavery. When she was 12 years old she was working in the cotton fields.

5 CCC Harriet freed 300 slaves in her 1 st 19 trips to the South. This angered slave owners so they set a price on her head. She was never caught.

6 Disrupt Southern supply lines When she wasn’t freeing slaves she was working for the Union army. She gave the Union info to disrupt the Southern supplies lines.That acted freed many slaves.

7 Elderly After the Cival war she build a home for the elderly She lived there until her death

8 Elderly After the Civil war she Made a home to help homeless elderly. The house was also for homeless children.

9 Fugitive slave law The fugitive slave was a law declaring since California is a free state all runaway slaves must be sent back to their owners. This made it harder for Harriet to guide them to freedom. But did that stop her, no.She just guided them to Canada.:O how about that fugitive slave law.

10 Guided slaves to Canada When the Fugitive slave law was passed she was now a slave again.So when she freed slaves she had to guide them to Canada. There they were totally free.

11 Head Injury When Harriet was 15 years old she suffered a serious head injury. When a slave tried to runaway the watcher ran after him ( so did Harriet ) and cornered him in a store. When Harriet got in their the watcher ordered her to tie him down. She refused. When he tried to escape again the owner through a Gold bar at him and accidentally hit Harriet in the head. 

12 Iron Discipline Harriet’s Iron discipline made her a good leader to lead slaves to freedom.This was a good leader trait.

13 John Tubman One day a dude walked up to Harriet and said “will you marry me “ and she said “ mmmmmm sure “ then he said “YIP PEE”.Then she ran away to freedom the end.

14 Kentucky Sometimes she would lead them to Kentucky to be free. If she couldn’t get them to other free states she would get them to Kentucky.

15 Loaned to different people When she was 5 she was loaned to different people for money for the owner. She usually was worked hard and slept on the wood floor.

16 Married in 1844 In 1844 Harriet got married. She married John Tubman. But one day she picked freedom over him and ran away.

17 New York Harriet was born a slave in New York city the happiest place in the world. But the sad part was that she was a slave. 

18 Orphans She build a home for orphans and elderly. Sometimes she woke up to a kids in a nightmares.Usaully it was seeing their father die in the war.  

19 Price on her head When she freed slaves she angered slave owners. The slave owners were angry and wanted revenge so they put a price on her head( which means she was wanted).Hey slave owners guess what :P

20 Quilts She would use quilts to show slaves how to get to her so she could lead them to freedom. Like she would give them a message to look at a quilt and it would show them how to get to her.

21 Railroad’s most famous conductor She was know as the BIG underground railroad’s famous conductor.She led at least 500 slaves to freedom. Hey cool shes a conductor CHOO CHOO!!!!

22 Sleeping fits When she got hit in the head with that block she couldn’t help following asleep at unusual times. Do to this she also had weird visions that she described as a message to god to free her people.

23 Tricks to free slaves Harriet used many tricks to free her fellow people. One of the tricks was she got somebody to move usual objects, but slaves were in there.

24 Underground Railroad The underground railroad was Harriet’s way of freeing slaves. It wasn’t eally underground. It got it’s name from a slave owner was chasing a slave in a boat.The slave was swimming,but the boat was gaining. So the slave took a head dive into the water. The slave owner said “ he must of took a Undergrond Railroad “ that’s how it got it’s name.

25 V=5 She met abraham lincoln who was on the 5 dollar bill.In roman the V is the meaning for 5.

26 Women's rights After the Civil War she worked to give women’s rights. She also made a big change there to.

27 X husband When she went back to free her husband she found out he married another women. She divorced him soon after. To bad for that sucka :P

28 Y did she runaway to freedom ? The reason she ran away to freedom at that time is because she heard rumors she was going to be sold. She tried to get her husband to come along, but he said no. Run girl run!!!!!!!!!!!

29 Zebras She loved all animals but she had a better love of zebras. She loved them because of their stripes and how they ran in herds to hide from predators.

30 Bibliography » 9511430

31 The Harriet Tubman game You play by your Harriet Tubman and your gonna have to help the slaves escape Watch out for the slave catchers and their dogs.

32 We can’t go on!!! Go on or you die!!! I got you now

33 GREAT JOB HARRIET!!!!!!!!!!NOW YOU ONLY FREED 278 SLAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

34 Conclusion I hope you learned something about the railroad conductor,Women’s rights participant, and elderly/ homeless childern help … HARRIET TUBMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

35 I got all my info from… » m/people/harriet-tubman- 9511430

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