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Baltimore Polytechnic Institute November 7, 2014 Honors U.S. History Miss Martin.

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1 Baltimore Polytechnic Institute November 7, 2014 Honors U.S. History Miss Martin

2 Students will analyze the options of freed African-Americans by participating in a role- play activity in order to evaluate the status of freed African Americans in the Antebellum Period.

3 Some southern slaves gained their freedom as a result of A. the prohibition of the Atlantic slave trade after 1807. B. purchase by northern abolitionists. C. fleeing to mountain hideaways. D. purchasing their way out of slavery. E. the objection to slaveholding by some white women

4  250,000 free blacks in the South ◦ Revolutionary War idealism ◦ Mullatoes – children of white planters and slaves ◦ Purchased freedom from after-hours work  Freed slaves had their own land ◦ Had their own slaves in some cases  Couldn’t work certain jobs  Couldn’t testify against whites in court  Could be hijacked back into slavery  In the North-250,000 free blacks

5  4 million slaves in the South in 1860  1808 outlawed slave imports in U.S.  1807 Britain abolished slave trade ◦ British West Africa Squadron captured slave ships and freed captives  3 million Africans shipped to Brazil and West Indies after 1807  Smuggling into the south  Slaves as investments

6  Living conditions varied by plantation  Flogging  Black belt ◦ South Carolina and Georgia into Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana  More stable in deep South  Religion

7  Denied education  “Revenge” ◦ Slow labor – fostered white myth of “black laziness” ◦ Took food and other goods their labor helped make ◦ Sabotaged work equipment ◦ Poisoned owner’s food  Runaways, rebellions ◦ Nat Turner ◦ Amistad

8  In groups of four you will put yourself in the shoes of a freed slave woman and her family.  Take 15 minutes to decide where you would go. Make sure you consider both the pros and the cons of the location you choose.

9  Each group will briefly explain which location they choose and why.

10  By show of hand which location would you personally choose? ◦ Salisbury, MD ◦ Boston ◦ NYC ◦ Canada

11 In three paragraphs explain which of these four locations you would go to if you were a runaway slave. Make sure you explain the benefits of the location you choose, the drawbacks of this location, and why you choose this location instead of the other three locations. Due on Friday 10/31.

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