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World History: The Earth and its Peoples

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1 World History: The Earth and its Peoples
Chapter 18 The Atlantic System and Africa,

2 Objectives Describe and give concrete illustrations of the effects of the Atlantic system on African, European, and American societies and their environments. Understand the relationship between the spread of sugar plantations and the growth of the slave trade. Be able to describe capitalism and mercantilism and explain their roles in the development of the Atlantic system. Be able to compare and account for the different roles and influence of the West and Islam in sub-Saharan Africa between about

3 Atlantic System West Indies 1500 - Sugar-cane intro 1600 - tobacco
European markets chartered companies free passage 1650 crisis Dutch West Indies Company 1621 private trading co. dividends Brazilian sugar slavery 1654 West Indies alliance

4 Atlantic System Slavery Plantation Life 16th century rise 7 versus 3-4
West Indies land values rising sugar prices 7 versus 3-4 Plantation Life cultivation factory crushing / processing farm byproducts molasses and rum soil exhaustion / deforestation demographic effects plant / animals Arawak / Carib

5 Atlantic System

6 Atlantic System Slaves - 18th Century plantocracy castes
90% island pop. 2-1 male 23 - male; female ‘seasoning’ - 1/3 mortality plantocracy few rich landowners social stratification castes 70% field women tradesmen ‘driver’ male slave ensure hard work

7 Atlantic System Atlantic Economy - 1760-1800 Reasons for success
sugar / slave ships Reasons for success private enterprise capitalism banks trading companies stock exchanges Amsterdam insurance mercantilism precious metal accumulation competition Navigation Acts of 1660s most profitable

8 Atlantic System Great (Atlantic) Circuit Europe, Africa, Americas
1st leg metal bars, guns, textiles 2nd leg gold, timber, slaves : 800k : 7.5m 1 in 6 disease execution / abuse suicide 3rd leg plantation goods

9 Atlantic System

10 Africa, Atlantic, and Islam
Africa’s Slave Trade textiles and guns tobacco and rum Africa’s strong position ^ slaves, ^ price local customs European competition Gold Coast / Slave Coast Comp. Dahomey Asante and Oyo war captives

11 Africa, Atlantic, and Islam
Bight of Biafra - 18th Century densely populated no strong kingdoms merchants kidnapping fairs Angola Portuguese control prisoners of war / drought byproduct 1) European / African elite alliance 2) European over African wealth

12 Africa, Atlantic, and Islam
Muslim Territorial Dominance N. Africa Ottoman Empire Morocco slavery : 1.7m Sahara Indian Ocean women servants and concubines population recovery children harem guards Muslim

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