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The Hook Battle Cry of Freedom Union Battle Cry of Freedom Confederate.

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1 The Hook Battle Cry of Freedom Union Battle Cry of Freedom Confederate

2 Document A- Railroads and Slave Density/Cotton Maps Both maps give you a visual sense that the Northern and Southern economies were very different…the North being more industrial and the South more agricultural and dependent on slave labor As the nation expands, how might one argue that new lands in the West might lead to serious problems for the country? As we expand we are faced with the question, what type of economy will move into these new lands? Industry or agriculture…free or slave (see Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Bleeding Kansas)

3 Document A- Railroads and Slave Density/Cotton Maps State Pop. %of Slaves MD 17 FL 45 KY 22 TN 24 MO 13 AL 44 VA 35 AR 22 NC 34 MS 51 SC 58 LA 49 GA 42 TX 27 DE 02 IS there a connection between slave density and which states seceded? Why role did the higher % of slaves have in the cause of the war? Economic impact? fear of freed slaves after abolition?

4 Doc. B- Resources of the Union and the Confederacy, 1861 Using the statistics from the charts, how might the North dominated the South politically? How did the economies of the N & S benefit each other? What political issues did the North and South differ on? Are economic differences enough to start a war? Because of it population advantage, the North could dominate the House and the White House. The North’s textile mills depended on Southern cotton for fabric. Protective tariffs, internal improvements, expansion of slavery into new lands, Indian removal, slavery itself Economic differences can be a huge factor in starting a war?

5 Doc. C- The Impending Crisis of the South (1857) Is this article in favor of or critical of the Southern economy? Why would many wealthy Southerners be frightened by this? Does this document shed any light on what caused the Civil War? Critical; slavery hurt the S. economy because it drew off investment capital to build manufacturing and RR’s etc. Author argues that the future of the poor white Southern was bleak. Then why should they support the planters? The Southern ruling class created a common enemy in the North; encouraged Northern abolitionist

6 DOC. D- Cotton is King What main idea of the document? Taking Docs A-D together, does there seem to be an economic cause of the Civil War? What evidence is provided to support this claim? Cotton is king and You dare not make war of cotton or the results will be catastrophic not just in the South; but also in the North and possibly world- wide The south was dependent on labor intensive crops like cotton and felt the slave labor was necessary.

7 Doc E- John C. Calhoun A compact is an agreement between 2 or more parties Sovereignty is the supreme power to rule What is Calhoun’s view of the United States and state’s ability to secede Perpetuity means continuing forever. How did Lincoln view the Union and what reason did he give for this belief What would happen if states could break away at will? Doc F- Lincoln on the Union Was secession by itself enough reason to go to war?

8 Doc. G- Frederick Douglass Speech was given on 7/4/1852. FD was requested to speak on what the 4 th of July means to the negro race. There were about 500 people in attendance each paid 12 ½ cents for admission The Speech “Your celebration is a sham” (a phony holiday) “an unholy license” (a freedom to commit immoral acts) “brass fronted impudence” (Phony and insincere) “hollow mockery” (empty and insincere) “religious parade (religious beliefs that are all show, not heartfelt)

9 Document H- Cannibals All or Slaves Without Masters Fitzhugh was a native Virginian He shifted the debate about slavery from being a defense of a necessary evil to the praise of slavery as a POSTIVE GOOD Northern factory owners were “cannibals” and their workers were the “slaves without masters”

10 Doc. I- Reaction to John Brown How is it different that Docs A-H? What is the main idea of this Doc.? DO Docs G,H,I belong in the same analytical bucket? It is a secondary source. John Brown’s raid drew strong reaction in both the North and the South. According to the closing quote, moved the South closer to secession. YES! All addressed the fundamental question of whether slavery was morally wrong. And all appear to have been beyond compromise.

11 Doc. J- Kansas-Nebraska Act How did the Kansas- Nebraska Act change the Missouri Compromise? Was there any precedent for popular sovereignty? Why did the K-NA cause such a furor in the North? Invalidated the Missouri Compromise line and opened up this territory to possible slavery which had been denied since 1820. The Compromise of 1850 allowed for it in the NM/UTterritories) Potentially fewer jobs for free labor, more Southern votes in Congress, moral wrongness of slavery.

12 Doc. K- The Caning of Charles Sumner The issue of bleeding Kansas caused blows to be stuck in the Senate– verbally and physically. By the Southern code of honor Brooks should have challenges Sumner to a duel. 3 days after Sumner was beaten the K-NA passed the Senate by a 35-13 vote. Party loyalty and a TCRR with a northern terminus trumped the expansion of slavery 5/22/1856, the US Senate, the Senate debate on the K- N bill; Charles Sumner and Preston Brooks Northern POV Although it is just one incident, a public beating in the US Senate suggests anger and contempt that had reached the boiling point. What do you see in the cartoon? What is the date, place, occasion? Who are the figures? Chivalry is associated with the qualities of knighthood- bravery, courtesy, honor. In the South in meant gentlemanliness What is the artists point of view? How does Doc K help answer the DBQ ?

13 Doc. L- Dred Scott Decision After the decision was announced, noted abolitionist Frederick Douglass was quoted as saying, “My hopes were never brighter that they are right now.” What do you think he meant? Douglass believed that now the issue of slavery and its legal expansion across the whole country, not simply the territories, would stir the North into action and lead to the eventual demise of slavery in all the US.

14 DOC. M- Abe Lincoln Speech (1858) Who is giving the speech and on what occasion? How do you think Lincoln viewed Douglas’ role in the K-NA? Does Lincoln believe the nation can exist with this new legislation and SC decision? What do you think Lincoln believes will happen in the future? Lincoln on his acceptance speech for nomination for Republican party in the US Senator from Illinois election. As a sell-out to slave interests NO Lincoln says that the nation can not continue the way it is going….he says that victory over slavery is sure to come…war?

15 Doc. N- The Election of 1860 What determines who becomes President?

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