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Bell Ringer! 12/11/12 Complete the half sheet grammar practice. #7. It was apparent to me…

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1 Bell Ringer! 12/11/12 Complete the half sheet grammar practice. #7. It was apparent to me…

2 1 - 3 You will need the following ingredients milk, sugar, flour, and eggs. My father ended every conversation the same way “Don’t give up.” I want to wear the red shirt my favorite color is red.

3 4 - 6 I am really tired however, I cannot get to sleep. The store will be closed on the following days Thursday, Dec. 24 th Friday, Dec, 25 th and Sunday, Dec. 27 th. Every good outdoorsman must pack the following items a knife, matchbox, and water resistant jacket.

4 7 - 9 It was apparent to me after hours of deliberation that I had made the wrong decision. Jack was gentle, but persistent, with Carolyn he would make her his wife. Time spent in prison can change your outlook especially if you have a life sentence.

5 Notes: The Slave Narrative

6 The Slave Narrative Definition and Purpose Themes Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

7 Defining Slave Narratives Slave narratives can be defined as the personal experiences of slaves before and after the Civil War (1865) Generally they include the experiences of African- Americans who have escaped from slavery

8 Purpose of Slave Narratives  Attempted to arouse sympathy of readers in order to promote humanitarianism  Emphasized traditional Christian religious ideas  Showed acceptance of the ideals of dominant whites  Emphasized the cruelty of slave owners  Targeted white audiences

9 Timeline of Slave Narratives  Loss of Innocence: Awareness of what it means to be a slave  Realization of alternatives to bondage: The determination to be free  The Escape  Freedom Obtained

10 Themes/Motifs  Exposure to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse  Dehumanization: Comparison of slaves to other forms of life (ex. Cattle, pigs)  Determination to write and read  Vignettes of other characters succeeding and failing  Includes the loss of family members and the destruction of family ties

11 Preface AND Letter from Wendell Phillips You will look at the excerpts from the Preface, annotate, and answer the questions. Then you will read the letter and identify three main sections.

12 Preface Questions Why is Frederick Douglass nervous to speak in front of the audience at the convention? Who is Douglass compared to and what allusion reference is being made? Some people claim that Africans that were brought to American were better off. This story reflects this thought, but with a twist. What is the twist? What is the purpose of this story? What is Garrison trying to prove with this story?

13 Frederick Douglass Life as a Slave Awareness and Education Escape Activism

14 Life as a Slave Douglass ’ s narrative appeals to the human emotion (PATHOS) in his descriptive account of the slave experience. Includes vivid descriptions of physical and emotional abuse Captures scenes of life on the plantation Makes reference to the destruction of family ties

15 Education/Awareness Slaves were prevented from obtaining an education The awareness of education gave a slave freedoms limited by society Douglass ’ s education forced him to become more aware of the limitations placed on him by slavery

16 ESCAPE Douglass ’ s frustration with the slave system intensified with his education Douglass ’ s educational knowledge contributed to his desire to escape slavery His awareness of the freedoms that were taken away from him contributed to his desire to escape

17 ACTIVISM After his escape, Douglass worked to abolish slavery Douglass published an abolitionist paper called the North Star He spoke publicly about the flaws of slavery Worked for the Underground Railroad Recruited soldiers for Civil War to fight for equal treatment of blacks

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