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Life as a Slave in North Carolina By: Demi& Ezra.

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1 Life as a Slave in North Carolina By: Demi& Ezra

2 Free time At the most, slaves get about three hours of free time. During the few hours of free time, most slaves preformed their own personal work.

3 Marriage Slaves were allowed to marry. The owners felt that slaves should marry because any children from the marriage would be added to their wealth.

4 Protesting Slaves can not protest against their owners. If they do and it continues then the owners will kill the slaves.

5 Religion Slaves did have religion. Not many attended church unless their owners attended and they let at most 3 go. By the early 1800’s, slaves were converting to Christianity in increasing to a Large number

6 Running away When slaves ran away, they wanted to run North. All children and adults ran away because of all of the harsh punishment. Being beaten and forced to do things. Slaves would look for Harriett Tubman who led them through a secret passage that allows them to end up in the north. About 2/3 of the slaves would run away alone, and 1/3 ran away together. The mojority ran away alone because it would have been hard to see just 1. In a group it would be so easy to tell where they would be heading and way to easy to find.

7 Work Slaves worked all day. From sun rise to sun set. Even if it was a holiday the would have to work. Most Saturdays they would get most of the days off, but not often.

8 Living Most slaves would pack into a small house made of sticks as walls and with dirt floors. There would be so many to 1 house that some would have to sleep on the floor.

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