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2 Requirements for Industrial Networks
An industrial communication link Capable of supporting real-time control High data integrity High noise immunity High reliability in harsh environments Suitable for large installations 2

3 Local Area Network - Applications
Centralized Data Monitering and Acquisition Manufacturing SCADA MMI Distributed Control Communication between programmable controllers Upload to a programmer or host computer from any PLC Download from a programmer or host computer to any PLC Read/write I/O values, registers of any PLC Monitoring of PLC status and control of PLC operation 3

4 Network Topologies Daisy-Chain Examples
Each device has two sections of cable tied together Each end has termination (resistor/capacitor) Examples DH+ DH-485 Remote I/O Beldon #9463 cable SLC 4

5 Network Topologies Star Example
All devices physically connected at one point Example Ethernet PLC PLC PLC PLC 5

6 Network Topologies Trunk-Line / Drop-Line Examples
Trunk line very long - run through plant Drop lines very short Drops connected to trunk with Y-adapters Examples Data Highway (DH) Devicenet DH+ can be SLC Trunk Line Drop Line 6

7 Network Access Methods
Token Passing: Each node can talk on the network when it has the token After done talking, the node will “Pass the token” to the next node Multi-master network Eliminates data collisions TOKEN SLC # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 7

8 Network Access Methods
Master / Slave: Master talks to one slave at a time The slave can only talk if the master asks it for some information Polling network Eliminates data collision Single master network Network Controller (Master) Request ? Reply ! # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 SLC (Slave) SLC (Slave) SLC (Slave) SLC (Slave) 8

9 Networks - How to Decide on One?
Maximum number of devices How many nodes are required for the application? How many nodes should be reserved for future expansion? Maximum network length Usually specified as the physical cable distance from the first node to the last node on the network Drop length is the length of cable from the main cable to the node Device supported Programmable controllers Programming devices Operator Interfaces Other Computers - PCs, Workstations, Minis, Mainframes... Response time Application interface 9

10 A-B Communication Network Terms
What the hell do all these mean? RS-232 RS-422 RS-485 DH-485 REMOTE I/O DF1 DH+ 10

11 A-B Communication Network Terms
} RS-232 RS-422 Electrical Connections RS-485 } DH-485 REMOTE I/O Protocols (languages) DF1 DH+ Must have matching electrical connections and protocols for two computers to communicate. 11

12 Communications - Like a Phone Call...

13 Communications - Like a Phone Call...
Electrical Connection is made when person answers phone 13

14 Communications - Like a Phone Call...
Electrical Connection is made when person answers phone COMMS ENGLISH FRENCH 14

15 Communications - Like a Phone Call...
Electrical Connection is made when person answers phone COMMS Communication when connection make AND both people speak the same language ENGLISH FRENCH ENGLISH COMMS ENGLISH 15

16 Networks: DH-485 and DH+ Network Communications
Program support and monitering Supervisory control for distributed hierarchy Operator interface for monitoring and control 16

17 DH-485 Characteristics DH-485 Multi-drop link
Daisy chain configuration Token passing system 9.6 or 19.2 Kbaud data rate Connect up to 32 devices on network Up to 4000 cable feet (1200 meters) of network lenght 17

18 DH485 Peer-to-peer Comms. Send/Recv messages from other SLC 500s
Multi-master token-passing ring; 32 nodes 5/02, 5/03 + 5/04 can initiate communications to other processors 5/03 can using Channel 0, Channel 1, or both 5/04 can using Channel 0 only Fixed and 5/01 respond only Initiate comms. with MESSAGE instruction in ladder logic NO ladder programming necessary to respond to a message from another processor 18

19 Typical DH-485 Network Link Coupler SLC 5/03 SLC 5/02 SLC 5/01

20 DH+ Characteristics Peer-to-Peer Communication 64 nodes maximum
Utilizes Tolken Passing 64 nodes maximum Remote Programming of SLC 500’S, PLC-2, PLC-3, and PLC-5 Direct Connections to 5/04,PLC-5, Panelview, and Industrial Terminals 57.6, 115.2, OR 230Kbaud data rate Pub # DH/DH-485/DH+ Ref Manual Robust Industrial Network

21 DH+ Communications DH+ Other Processors RSLogix 500 Software
AI 500 Software 6200/AI Software 57.6Kbaud: 10,000 feet 115.2Kbaud: 5,000 feet 230.4Kbaud: 2,500 feet DH+ Other Processors SLC-5/04 PLC-5 PLC-2, PLC-3 PLC-5/250

22 DH+ to DH-485 Interface Interface through a 1785-KA5
Translate DH-485 <-> DH+ Allows PLC5s and SLCs to communicate RSLogix 500 Software Link Coupler SLC 5/01 SLC 5/03 SLC 5/02 PLC-5 DH-485 Network #1 DH-485 Network #2 DH+ SLC 5/04

23 RS-232 Communications SLC-5/03 and 5/04 Support:
Full-Duplex (Point-to-Point) Half- Duplex ASCII Modem Communication Did we advise non US manufacturing & repair operations?

24 RS-232: DF1 Full-Duplex AKA: DF1 Point-to-Point
Simultaneous transmission between two devices in both directions - Programming Port - Peer Messaging Did we advise non US manufacturing & repair operations?

25 RS-232: DF1 Half-Duplex Mulit-Drop, Single Master, Multiple Slave
Slaves are Polled for Response from the Master Supports up to 255 Slave Devices Slaves: Any SLC Processor Master: PLC-5, SLC-5/03, 5/04, CV Did we advise non US manufacturing & repair operations?

26 5/03 + 5/04 Serial Port Point-to-point communications RS-232
Using Channel 0 w/ DF1 Full-Duplex RSLogix 500 Programming Software Modem Modem SLC 5/03 or 5/04 20

27 5/03 + 5/04 Serial Port Master/Slave communications Polled Network
Using Channel 0 w/ DF1 Half-duplex Master or Slave Master DF1 Master (RSView) Modem Slave(s) Modem Modem Modem RSLogix 500 Programming Software SLC 5/03 SLC 5/04 21

28 ASCII Communications 5/03 and 5/04
Direct connection to devices such as barcode decoders and printers Eliminates requirement of BASIC module for this task PROG SLC 5/03 CPU RUN FLT BATT FORCE RS232 DH485 REM 22

29 1747-KE Module Config DF1 DH-485 RS-232 RS-232 RS-485
Converts electrical signals RS-485 to RS-232 Translates protocols DH-485 to DF1 Configured thru the backplane (Series B) DH-485 / RS-232 ACT BA LOW 485 CFG DF1 FAULT H/D F/D RS-232 Config RS-232 DF1 RS-485 DH-485 24

30 1747-KE Module RS-485/DH-485 to RS-232C/DF1 interface module
DH-485 / RS-232 ACT BA LOW 485 CFG DF1 FAULT H/D F/D RS-485/DH-485 to RS-232C/DF1 interface module Acts as a BRIDGE between two different networks or types of communication Called a Bridge module (1) DH-485 port (2) Serial ports (RS-232, 422, 485) Allows remote communications to SLC 500 systems 23

31 Typical KE Configurations
RSLogix 500 • Point-to-Point configuration using full duplex DF1 communications • Remote communications from the programming software to a remote network of SLC 500 processors. • RSLogix 500 acts as if it were directly on the DH-485 network Modem Modem SLC 500 DH-485 Isolated Link Coupler 1747-AIC SLC 5/01 25

32 Typical KE Configurations
Master Master/Slave communications Polled Network Using Channel 0 w/ DF1 Half-duplex Slave DF1 Master (RSView) Modem Slave(s) Modem Modem Modem Modem SLC 500 with KE SLC 5/02 with KE SLC 5/01 with KE RSLogix 500 Programming Software 26

33 Peer-to-Peer Communications
Read/Write: Read - local processor is receiving data Write - local processor is sending data Target Device: 500CPU if target is another SLC Processor 485CIF if target is a non-SLC device on the network PLC5 if target device accepts PLC-5 commands Local/Remote: Local - the message is to be communicated via a local network Remote - the message is to be communicated to a remote device on another network through a bridge Control Block: Contains - target node address, local file address, target file address, status bits Control Block Length: Fixed at 14 elements Setup Screen: Advanced setup parameters EN: enable bit - set when rung is true DN: done bit - message successfully transmitted ER: error bit - transmission failed Setup Screen Read/Write Message Read/Write Read Target Device CPU Control Block ? Control Block Length MSG ( EN ) ( DN ) ( ER ) Local/Remote Local Type Peer-To-Peer 28

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