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Slavery; IB Themes / Questions

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1 IB HL Questions on Slavery cold be separate questions or part of Civil War questions (Unit 4)

2 Slavery; IB Themes / Questions
Were the origins of slavery more economic or racial? How did slaves react to their enslavement…..acceptance, resistance, rebellion? Was the institution of slavery benign or malignant? Was it more benign / malignant in North America or in Latin America? Why was there virtually unanimous support for the institution of Slavery in the South? What were the principal Pro-Slave and Anti-Slave Arguments ..abolitionist movement……? Role of Freed Slaves – before the Civil War?

3 2004 Who opposed slavery in the Americas and why? 2005 Analyze the main arguments of A. those who supported slavery B. those who opposed slavery

4 2006 For what reasons and, in what ways, did supporters of slavery in the nineteenth century use legal (political), religious, and economic arguments in its defense? 2007 Evaluate the economic and social conditions of free African Americans in one country of the region during the 19th century (don’t do this one)

5 2008 For what reasons, and with what impact, did abolitionism develop in the north of the United States? (must address both reasons and impact) For what reasons: abolitionism developed in the North as part of a worldwide phenomenon, in which Britain in particular played an important role. British anti-slavery writings had a receptive audience in the US. …also, stress American roots and emphasize the religious revival of the Great Awakening of the 1820s and 30s, which inspired reform movements, of which abolitionism was one; Abolitionism had several meanings at the time: some of its followers were radical such as W.L, Garrison, Phillips, and Douglas, who demanded immediate abolition….Some like Brown were extremely controversial, his attempt to start a slave rebellion in 1859 electrified the nation: uniquely among the followers of Garrison he resorted to violence: Others, however, were more conservative and wanted a program of gradual emancipation with a long intermediate stage. The abolitionist movement was more urban than rural; it was stronger in New England, New York and the Ohio Valley

6 Impact Abolitionists were not very popular in the North. In fact many Northerners were ambivalent about Emancipation or even opposed it outright. Racism continued to be strong in the North. Many Northerners fearing competition for jobs from free blacks hated the Abolitionists. As a consequence they attacked them both in print and physically. Abolitionists had little political success; most public figures and politicians shunned them for their radicalness and unwillingness to compromise. Their attacks on slavery goaded Southerners to extol the virtues of their peculiar institution, took specific actions against them and placed new restrictions on slaves. But if abolitionists did little in the short term to help slaves, they did a great deal to polarize American opinion and heightened sectional animosity. Gradually they stirred the conscience of increasing numbers of Northerners and succeeded in keeping slavery in the forefront of public attention. By the 1850s many Northerners did believe that slavery was an unnecessary evil

7 2009 With reference to at least two examples of slave rebellions, analyze the reaction to the rebellions in one country of the region. (don’t do this one) 2011 “The Kansas-Nebraska problem destroyed the power of the Southern pro-slavery group.” To what extent do you agree with this view 2012 “Sectionalism, not slavery, was the major cause of the US Civil War.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?

8 2013 none

9 Also Of the arguments put forward by the pro and anti slave groups, whose arguments were the most persuasive and convincing? the most interesting? Was slavery more benign or malignant in North American or Latin America? Origins – economic or racial?

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