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Plantations and Slavery Spread

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1 Plantations and Slavery Spread

2 I. The Cotton Boom

3 Eli Whitney Cotton was becoming too unprofitable
One slave could only clean one pound of cotton a day He invented a cotton gin (engine) Now one slave could clean 50 pounds a day

4 The Cotton Gin

5 How the Cotton Gin Works

6 Effects of the Cotton Gin
More people began to move west People began to grow more cotton than other goods because it was valuable More Native Americans were pushed off their land Slavery increased

7 II. Slavery Expands

8 With the increase in cotton production came an increase in slavery

9 III. Slavery Divides the South

10 Cotton Production in the South



13 Compare/Contrast Slaves/Owners




17 IV. Finding Strength in Religion

18 Slave Religion Some slaveholders used religion to make slaves accept their treatment Slaves were inspired by the stories of Moses and folk tales Slaves expressed their religion through religious folk songs called spirituals

19 V. Slave Rebellions

20 Nat Turner’s Rebellion
Led the most famous of rebellions 8/21/31 Turner and 70 followers killed 55 Most of Turner’s men were captured or killed when they ran out of ammo Turner was caught and hanged

21 Effects of Turner’s Rebellion
200 African Americans were killed in revenge Laws were passed to keep slaves and free African Americans from buying guns or alcohol Slaves could not hold religious services w/out a white person Anti-slavery publications were banned

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