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Integrierte Gesamtschule Dillingen. Our school.

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1 Integrierte Gesamtschule Dillingen

2 Our school



5 Column Friedensreich Hundertwasser

6 WWWWe are ca 850 pupils from class 5 to class 13 WWWWe have 66 teachers AAAAt our school the pupils can absolve the „Hauptschulabschluss“, the „Mittlere Reife“(GCSE) and the „Abitur“ (A-level)

7 Our headteacher: Mrs Breuer

8 Our representative headmaster: Mr Scholl

9 Our secretaries: Mrs Göhl und Mrs Salzgeber

10 A classroom

11 Impressions of our school: Technology

12 Information Technology

13 Sciences

14 The kitchen

15 Our sportshall


17 The kiosk

18 UNESCO-project-school  Worldwide over 8000 schools in the associated project school network  202 schools in the German network  7 schools in the Saarland

19 U: United U: United N: Nations N: Nations E: Education E: Education S: Social S: Social C: Culture and Communication C: Culture and Communication O: Organisation O: Organisation

20 Schoolpartnerships with  Collège in Kayo / Koulikoro in Mali  School in El Alto in Bolivia

21 Our school is: a school without racism - a school with courage here our project assistant: Dédé Maziétéle

22 Our school is a Microsoft- Academy  The pupils can absolve the IC3- Certificate: 1.Fundamentals of IT 2.Word 3.Excel 4.Powerpoint 5.Internet 6.E-mail

23 Some pupils present their sport activities










33 We wish you a nice time The pupils and teachers of the IGS Dillingen/Germany

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