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Emmanuel Cannady M.S. Ed. Assistant Director – Gender Relations Center University of Notre Dame.

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1 Emmanuel Cannady M.S. Ed. Assistant Director – Gender Relations Center University of Notre Dame

2 * Introduce yourself to the people around you more than just your job. * Who are you? * Why are you here? * What experiences inform you? * What are you dreams and fears * What do you value? * What makes you feel loved? * Exchange information

3 You can’t hold a man down without staying down with him. – Booker T. Washington

4 Where I was raised Where I went to school Church College Who I work with Who I interact with on a regular basis

5 * Outline the history of the fall of conventional white masculinity * Show how conventional white masculinity (white privilege) is undercutting progress for white men AND everybody else * Identify and discuss failed coping mechanisms of changing social norms, the last bastions of obsolete white masculinity (including bro culture), and what is at stake * Information: Learn, Process, Practice Our Journey

6 What This Presentation ISWhat This Presentation IS Not A semester-class worth of info A Best Practices Information and discussionMen vs. Women or White Male Bashing History and Self- examination A critique of gender binary White Normativity Internalization: white definition of success -> white pain -> white coping we have been taught to consume it and produce it (i.e. media)

7 Welcome History of the Decline of White Male Culture The Effects of ThisCoping: Last BastionsAffects on Us/Moving Forward

8 * What is White Male Culture?

9 * Post-industrial Society (Daniel Bell) * Production and consumption of SERVICES instead of GOODS

10 Hunter-Gather/Agriculture – 1.8million years ago – Late 1700’s Industrial – Late 1700’s – 1960’s Post-industrial - 1960’s - present

11 * Legislative Gains * Brown v. Board of Education (1954) – desegregation of schools * Civil Right Act of 1964 * Title VII – workplace discrimination * Loving v. Virginia (1967) – interracial marriage * Education Amendments of 1972 – Title IX * Illegal to prohibit participation, denied benefit of or subject to discrimination based on sex * Backlash in the 1980’s under Reagan Administration * The Great Recession and Obama Election (2008)

12 He-cession * 80% of Job Losses from Nov. ‘08 – Aug. ‘09 were men (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) * When the Housing Bubble Burst


14 The New Deal (1933- 1939) The Stimulus Package (2009-2010) Spending3.5% U.S. GDP2.5% U.S. GDP Spending Focus Infrastructure:Services: GoalTo create jobs ExamplesCCC, WPA, Schools, Bridges, Monuments, Dams, Roads, French Market in N.O., Children's Museum at Space Needle, Lincoln Tunnel and Triborough Bridge in N.Y.C., St. Louis Arc Tax incentives – payroll tax cut, home buyer credits, health care – Medicaid, unemployment benefits, Education, Energy Infrastructure The Underlying Goal to preserve capitalism, white male supremacy to preserve capitalism, to honor the future,

15 What do you see?

16 * Post-industrial Society (con’t)

17 * Economic shift from manufacturing (heavy male sectors) to education, healthcare and other social services (heavy female perspective) * “Women just as likely to be the primary bread earner, if not more likely, than men are today” – President Obama to NYTimes

18 Percent of U.S. Adults Ages 25-29 With a Bachelor's Degree or Higher, 1969-2009 Source: PRB analysis of data from U.S. Census Bureau. Bachelor’s Degrees





23 * 30% more likely to dropout than girls * Girls outperform boys at all levels form elementary school to graduate school * Boys less likely to get BA’s (44% vs. 56%) and graduate degrees (45% vs. 55%) * Make up 2/3 of special Ed. students * 5 times more likely to have ADHD

24 * Long Periods of unemployment are a strong predictor of heavy drinking (Social Science & Medicine) * …of crime (Weinburg, Bruce - Ohio State) * Fewer young men feel they can marry, therefore disciplining effects of marriage to young men will continue to fade. (Cherlin, Andrew)

25 * Suicide rate between 2005-2009 (C.D.C.P) * 25.96 per 100,000 for White Men * 3 per 100,000 for Black Women * Depression

26 * Traditional Jobs are obsolete * Traditional values are obsolete * Greatest rate of economic fall * Others are gaining all around you * Higher Unemployment Rates * Depression – with no established coping mechanisms * Not pursuing college education * Life expectancy plummeting * Suicide Rates highest among any other demographic


28 * What are some of your initial reactions? * What are some pieces in the video that stuck out to you? * What is the American Dream? Is the American Dream obsolete? * Do you embody any beliefs or dreams that could be considered oversights? (I.E. do you preserve white normativity in your own life? * What are your coping mechanisms for life’s challenges?

29 * Usually a white middle-upper class college-aged male * Deep seeded racism while idolize mainstream Hip-Hip and Black culture – Racism through Admiration * Homophobic and homoerotic * Alcohol, Sports, try to ‘out-funny’ * Porn and video games * “Awesome” * Preservation of childhood Profiting from: Feeling Lost Fear Anxiety Anger

30 Pitfall! – 1982 Street Fighter II – 1991 Super Mario Brothers – 1985 Duke Nukem 3D – 1996 Profiting from: Feeling Lost Fear Anxiety Anger

31 Halo: Combat Evolved – 2001Gears of War – 2006Gears of War 3 - 2011

32 Profiting from: Feeling Lost Fear Anxiety Anger


34 * Men are Obsolete: * Sex-Deprived * Incompetent * Gluttonous * Dumb

35 Coping: Guns In the News

36 * Telecom Act of 1996 and the hijacking of Hip- Hop music and culture * 66-70% of consumers are white men (Washington Post, R.I.A.A.) * School, church, mall, theatre shootings; assassination attempts * More men between 27-35 – unmarried, lonely, hard-drinking – longing for the last bastions * Depression and Suicide

37 Southern Poverty Law Center Increases in Organized Hate

38 * Has told me I need: * To get a good job * Work hard and I will be rewarded * Get a family and support it * Save for retirement * Buy a car * Buy a House ….now the rules are changing.




42 Adaptation or Resistance

43 Adaptation: New Man StrongCompassionCaringHumbleProvider Provided for What do you currently believe and do to reinforce old masculinity and the resistance? What media do we consume inhibits adaptation? Define the New Man

44 Welcome History of the Decline of White Male Culture The Effects of ThisCoping: Last BastionsAffects on Us/Moving Forward

45 * We are at another crossroads in our society * History over the last 50 years, catalyzed by the He- Cession has brought to this crossroads * White Privilege and white normativity has ill- prepared many white males (especially those with other types of privilege) to psychologically cope * We are all connected!! – so the ill-preparation affects us all * White men (and everybody else) have a choice(adaptation or resistance) – resistance means isolation and self-destruction

46 * Thank You! * ????’s * A lot of Info = open discussion

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