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Linda Bracken

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1 Linda Bracken

2 Cultural Hearth Expansions of the Hallstatt and La Tene cultures

3 Beginnings: Migratory patterns as evidenced by diachronic distribution of Celtic peoples English: Celts in Europe This map shows Yellow: the core Hallstatt territory, expansion before 500 BC Light green : maximum Celtic expansion by the 270s BC Really light green: Lusitanian area of Iberia, "Celticity" uncertain Medium green : the boundaries of the six commonly-recognized 'Celtic nations', which remained Celtic speaking throughout the Middle Ages (viz. Brittany, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Ireland, Scotland) Dark green: areas that remain Celtic- speaking today

4 Folk Music 29 May 2009 Alex Jannsen Racism and other forms of marginalization Scottish traditional musicians in Edinbourgh

5 Cross-fertilization Celtic medieval music Beautiful harp flute traditional Festival show Pagan folk Middle Ages

6 Adaption/innovation Fantasy Medieval Music - Cry of the Dragons

7 Diaspora Celtic Middle Ages music

8 Historical Ballad/Colonialism Mo Ghile Mear - Mary Black

9 Music as a means for articulating/asserting cultural and ethnic identity Mull of Kintyre

10 Instruments and recording technology /commercialization Celtic Woman

11 Retaining Cultural identity Gaelic Folk Song

12 Commercialization and mass media River-dance the final performance

13 Technologies of communication: television and radio Andy Williams - Danny Boy

14 Urban vs. Rural By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light by buddy was his name and the other fellers

15 Form of resistance/agent of change Canadian Celtic: Great Big Sea

16 Photo bomb: Melissa partying with Great Big Sea

17 Melissa and the bassist

18 Every “buddy” dancing

19 Great Big Sea – Ottawa, Canada

20 Kingston, Canada Canadian Celtic Piper

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