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Ethical Journalism Network Building Trust In a New World Of Information Aidan White

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1 Ethical Journalism Network Building Trust In a New World Of Information Aidan White

2 Who we are A coalition of media professional groups from around the world committed to building trust in media and promoting principles of ethical journalism, good governance and self- regulation in the digital age

3 Human Beings are Ethical Animals Society is based on respect for rights. These rights are agreed international standards. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Convention on Civil and Political Rights Regional Human Rights Instruments

4 Ethics and Journalism Journalism’s conventions and standards are set out in codes. There are more than 400 codes agreed at national and global level. Ethics

5 Ethical Journalism is not Free Expression Journalism is not free speech, it is constrained expression. It works in a framework of values. It has purpose. It is a public good.

6 Values That Constrain Ethics: truth, independence, impartiality, humanity and accountability Other Constraints: Internet, Changing Industry, Political and social challenges: Hate Speech and intolerance

7 Hate speech and the Rush to Publish

8 Islamophobia on the March A media image: wild-eyed men in the Muslim world raging over the infamous Innocence of Muslims Film in 2012. Did this reflect a widespread anger within the Islamic community worldwide? According to an EJN review it did not.

9 How do we find balance between image and reality in the world of open information?

10 Between Racism and Satire?

11 When We are wrong - Apologise This was meant as a joke, but it was completely wrong….There should be perspective with satire, but the joke has to work. The fallacy is a belief that racism is no longer generally accepted, and that it can be laughed safely. But laughing at racism, as it turns out now, is a thin line. That's not about free speech, but good taste... De Morgen offers its apologies to anyone who feels offended. Sorry. We are in this case guilty of bad taste. We remain on the side of the multitudes fighting against all forms of racism.

12 Tell the Story in Context Truth, Independence, Impartiality, Avoid a Rush to Publish Show Humanity Be Transparent Be Accountable

13 Audience and Media in Partnership Rethinking Acts of Journalism Rebuild Ethical Base of Journalism Industry Commitment to change Good Governance, Self-regulation Leadership from within journalism Partnership with the audience

14 Principles of self-regulation 1. Internal – Company Level Mission statement, Code of Conduct Good governance and transparency Respond to concerns and complaints 2. External – National Structures Industry-wide system of self-regulation Politically independent Mix of professional and public representation

15 EJN at Work Pakistan: Ethical Audits and elections. Turkey: Business and politics as Threats Egypt: The Threat of Self Censorship Indonesia: Model Press Councils for Asia Africa: Turning the Page of Hate Myanmar: Building Solidarity Europe: Pluralism and Media Rights Studies: Does self-regulation work? Corruption on the Inside? Tools to combat hate.

16 Build Trust

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