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Adjusting to Peace After WWI

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1 Adjusting to Peace After WWI

2 What do you know about the 1920’s?
No talking, just think in your head and create a list… Ready? Write down anything you kinda sorta think maybe might have happened in the 20’s

3 Immediate Post-War Issues
The Great War is over, what now? Americans are disillusioned with foreign affairs… What do they do? Why, they return to isolationism, of course!!!!

4 Immediate Post-War Issues
Economically… soldiers come back and need jobs, no more need for war supplies, factories close farmers don’t have armies in Europe to feed What happens when there are no jobs and no one to sell things to? Recession (economic downturn)

5 Immediate Post-War Issues
Politically… Time for a new President Republican Warren Harding is elected in 1920 Read the bottom of p. 174 List the ways that President Harding justifies returning to isolationism.

6 Red Scare In 1917 the Russian Czar was overthrown
Who’s seen “Anastasia”? Later that year, Communists seized power What does a good Communist do? Seek more power! They threatened to spread their revolution It started in the US in 1919 And what did our fine citizens do? People freaked… “Red Scare” created a panic Sorry to ruin the story, but she actually died with the rest of the family

7 Red Scare In January 1919 Italian anarchist sets off bomb
Where you ask? Outside US Attorney General Mitchell Palmer’s house This was one of several in 8 American cities All attacks on judges, politicians, law enforcement Whatever should be done? Hmm… Lets think, what happened after 9/11? We changed laws and started gathering up “terrorists”

8 Red Scare Palmer Raids Palmer was convinced there was a plot to overthrow the US gov’t In 1920 he ordered round-up of 4,000 suspects In several cities WITHOUT warrants Directed by J.Edgar Hoover, his assistant Most released later, but 600 deported

9 Red Scare Sacco and Vanzetti Case
Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti – Italian immigrants Convicted of murder during a robbery Robbery supposedly to get funds for anarchist revolution World demanded their release Did we release them? Of course not! We can’t look weak! With insufficient evidence, they were convicted and executed Modern science says Sacco was probably guilty, but not Vanzetti

10 Red Scare Sacco and Vanzetti Case
Your turn to think… It shouldn’t hurt too bad…Oh, but you do have to write… Given the situation of fear and panic, do you think Sacco and Vanzetti got a fair trial? Why or why not?

11 Rise of Nativism and Racism Oh My.mp4
Red Scare, bombings, and trials, Oh My… I am afraid, who should I blame? Foreigners! Nativists (think they’re native and don’t like foreigners) Believed White Protestant Americans were superior Eventually leads to immigration restrictions

12 Rise of Nativism and Racism
Ku Klux Klan (KKK) Had been dead for decades Comes back in 1915 Why? What changed? Where were most African Americans before the war? After? Racial tensions in cities grew after the war Major race riots in cities Lynching continued and segregation in the South Did the KKK only target non-whites? Nope, they pretty much didn’t like anybody unless you were white, protestant, & “native” They harassed: immigrants, Catholics, and Jews too

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