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Do liberals and conservatives think about things in different ways?

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1 Do liberals and conservatives think about things in different ways?

2 Morgan, Mullen, & Skitka, 2010 What is the ideo-attribution effect? When would you expect to get it? What are personal vs. situational attributions and how do they relate to automatic/controlled processing? How do we assess controlled processing? Does it matter how you operationalize political orientation? What about social identity and motivation (instead of values)?

3 Study 1 Knowledge networks Operational definition of political orientation? What were the correlates of political orientation (Table 1). Method and results? Differences? Methods and results? Study 2

4 Study 3 Police officers accused of wrongly killing a wild cougar Environmental vs. security values Method and results? (stats) What are other examples of when lib-con attributional differences may reverse? Are they really getting at “values”? Overall

5 Nail, Harton, & Decker, 2003 What is the integrated model? What evidence is there from other research? What does this model suggest about race and politics? About values? What other groups would it apply to? What other values might be involved?

6 Previous Research Links between modern racism and conservatism Aversive racism studies in liberal environment Gaertner, 1973—responses to telephone caller Skitka et al., 2002—attributions about social welfare Sniderman et al., 1991—responses to laid off worker Reyna et al., 2006—beliefs about affirmative action Crandall et al., 1994—conservativism as our “default”

7 Liberals and conservatives respond with opposite biases.

8 Study 2—Replication and extension

9 The main difference is in the EA officer/AA victim condition.

10 SC increases for liberals only.

11 HR increases for liberals only.

12 Study 5: Will liberals discriminate when there is an “excuse”? 203 EA community participants 3 (officer/victim race) X 3 (puncher) X 3 (political orientation)

13 When the punch is unspecified, we replicate our finding for liberals.

14 When the officer throws the first punch (“excuse”), the liberals show less bias.

15 When the motorist throws the first punch, conservatives tend to show a bias against the AA.

16 Study 6: Do these differences relate to value differences b/t L and C? 96 EA community members 2 (background/values) X 2 (race) X 3 (political orientation) Car, home, drug, girlfriend, school, parent details varied What sentence is most appropriate?

17 Liberals and conservatives respond differently to people from traditional vs. nontraditional backgrounds.

18 Study 7: Do liberals and conservatives differ in implicit vs. explicit racism? 125 EA students Modern racism scale (McConahay, 1986) Implicit Association Test (Greenwald et al., 1998) Internal/External Motivation to Respond without Prejudice scales (Plant & Devine, 1998)

19 Liberals show more difference between their implicit and explicit levels of racism.

20 Political orientation predicts explicit, but not implicit, racism. Independent Variables Implicit Racism (IAT) Explicit Racism (MRS) Gender Gender.17-.11 IMS IMS.12 -.41** -.41** EMS EMS-.09.03 POS POS.12.32**.32** R R 2.06.40**.40**

21 What about the moderates? They’re pretty moderate. Who are they? Why do they show less bias?

22 Study 8: What about other stigmatized groups? 77 heterosexual college students pre-tested to be liberal or conservative Interacted via the computer with a “homosexual” or “heterosexual” confederate who either agreed with them on most issues or disagreed on most. Reports of desire to help

23 Liberals were more willing to help unless there was an “excuse.”

24 Other ideas? What are other ways to test these ideas? How can they be integrated with other research we’ve read about this semester? What are moderates? What are they like? What difference would target gender or appearance make? Is being colorblind a good thing?

25 Debate Make notes on the debate as it relates to issues that we’ve discussed in class: Values held by liberals/conservatives How each present their arguments Whether and how they dodge questions Others? 9221.2012.00910.x/pdf 9221.2012.00910.x/pdf

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