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Identifying Racism Lesson Objectives

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1 Identifying Racism Lesson Objectives
To identify different types of racism To evaluate ways that could reduce racism

2 What Do We Know About Racism?
In pairs write down at least 15 things that you know about or associate with racism. You must only put one word on each post it note.

3 What Do We Know About Racism?
Now you must group your words into a minimum of two categories. Can you give each category a label?

4 Additional words: Name Calling Avoiding Someone
Use the following words, to add to the collection of words you already have. Do you need to regroup your words, when you add these words? Name Calling Avoiding Someone Jokes about someone’s heritage Threatening someone Racist graffiti on someone’s house Not giving someone a job because of skin colour Avoiding someone because of their colour Ignoring someone because of their heritage

5 Watch the following clip…
How would you feel if that was you? Have we learnt lessons from her experiences?

6 Have we ever experienced racism in our own lives?
Can we categorise these from the least serious to the most serious forms of racism? The idea is that students will categorise the acts of racism in a similar way to the pyramid of hate.

7 The Pyramid of Hate This is used to show how there are foundations to racism. Does the order of racist incidents you categorised fit in with the pyramid? What will happen if you take away the foundations? Or less serious aspects of the pyramid? Students should be able to identify that without the lower levels of the pyramid the more extreme acts of racism will not happen.

8 Task Produce an advert to be published in a newspaper highlighting the issue of racism and identifying ways in which we can overcome racism. Write a speech to be read at a Show Racism The Red Card meeting. In your speech, you must explain what racism is and the forms it can take. Explain how racism can make people feel and highlight ways in which we can overcome racism. Create a poem about racism. You must give examples of forms of racism, explain the impact on peoples lives that racism can have and suggest possible ways that we can overcome racism.

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