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Yesenia Villanueva Cristina Lopez Jacqueline Olguin.

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2 Yesenia Villanueva Cristina Lopez Jacqueline Olguin

3 One example in the book that talks about racism is when the president is talking on the radio. He said “Bring the Dinka to jail.” He is blaming all the Dinka for the war. This is racism because they think that all Dinka are rebels and criminals. Having this said by the president many others will also think the same, so the Dinka people will not get their respect. p.182 Another example is when Deng was a slave. The owners treated him very bad because Deng was a Dinka and he was a Muslim. The slave owner treated him like the ground he steps on he whipped him and beat him up or wouldn’t give him any food. This is racism because it shows how the owner hates Deng because he is different. p. 33 EXAMPLES FROM BOOK

4 The book also shows racism when the officials burn dorms in a college. They burn the dorms because they thought that there were rebels there. Also when they where arresting the students they did not kill Muslims and Arabs, but did kill any other person. That is racist because the students were just studying, but now were killed or taken into war. p.164

5 Children are involved in racism too, like when Benson was blame for stealing oil. The Ethiopian lady assumed that because Benson was a Dinka refugee he stole her oil. The woman was Ethiopian and was going to tell the police, but they became friends. If she would have told the police Benson would not be able to defend himself because the police officer would have favored the lady because they are both Ethiopian. p.182 The last example of racism was when the people call them refugee. The people hated refugees, no matter if they were Ethiopian or Sudanese and did not treat them right. The refugees felt useless and unwanted with the discrimination from the others. There was no way for them to hide with all these people calling them names, so there for they couldn’t get a job. Without a job they didn’t have money to buy their necessities. p. 277

6 In Arizona police officers are allowed to question any person's legal status if there is "reasonable suspicion" that they are illegal aliens. Many people say this is racial profiling because officers can categorize a person as a criminal because of their race. This violates a humans rights because they are unable to walk the streets without having the fear of having problems with the police.

7 Senior Students from Washington University took a trip to Chicago, Illinois to celebrate their graduation. Six African American students of the university were kept out of a popular Chicago nightclub, while the club's faculty allowed over two hundred white classmates in. The students are sure they were not allowed entrance because of their race. This violates human rights because students were unable to carry out functions that their classmates were allowed to just because of their race. Approved Rejected

8 A man in Chicago posted a racist message on his garage that said "Say no to the ghetto. White Power. Mt. Greenwood, the next Englewood." Michael Corrigan, the man who posted this message was aiming to scare off African Americans who might want to buy the house next door. This violates an African American's human rights because the choice of where they can live is being taken away from them.

9 In Texas a pipe factory was investigated for racial discrimination claims. Several pipe factory workers claimed to be victims of harassment. The workers were targets to complaints and were denied promotions because of their race. The white employees were discipline if they went against the harassment. This violates the workers human right because they are unable to have the same treatment as their co-workers because of their race.

10 In Philadelphia, Lower Merion School district was on trial for racially discriminating several students when dividing two neighborhoods to determine which students would go to which of two high schools. Nine students say that this was complete discrimination against them because of their race. This is an example of human rights being violated because these students lost their choice of which high school they would attend.

11 There are many ways that us high school students can help fight against racism. We may not know but there are many out there who need our help. One way is to do something like we are doing, which is informing the people of what is happening. These flyers that we are creating and handing out to people really help because not many know what is going on in their own community or their country. Another way is to have protest with a group of friends who are willing to help you. If you want to fight you need to tell people what you really want for your country. You may be afraid to protest for what you want on your own but there are some organizations that can help you out.

12 ANSWER Chicago is anti-war, anti-racist, anti-oppression, action and outreach. There are discussions held about defeating the SB 1070 and getting full equality for all immigrants and all workers. You can visit their website at They have their meetings at, ANSWER Chicago (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) 3334 W. Lawrence #202 Chicago, IL 60625 773-463-0311 The South Side Chicago Anti-Racism Action also fights against all kinds of racism. They are a close group with ANSWER Chicago. They as well are fighting against the SB 1070. To find out more about them visit their website and join them on the dates they have listed. South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action (ARA)


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