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Racism and discrimination

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1 Racism and discrimination

2 RACISM: a system of ideas and beliefs
The belief in the superiority of one race over the others and a hierarchial classification of racial groups. The idea that this superiority and inferiority are of a biological or bio-anthropoligical nature so it cannot be modified. The idea that collective biological inequalities are reflected in social and cultural orders and that biological superiority translates into a “superior civilization” which itself indicates biological superiority.

3 A belief in the legitimacy of the domination of “inferior races” by “superior ones”.
A belief that there are “pure”races which can “decline” or degenerate” by getting mixed with others considered more “inferior”.

4 Racist ideas are very sutil…
So glad he came out white!

5 DISCRIMINATION: the act of excluding
Is an unjustified negative or harmful action towards a member of a group, simply because of his or her membership in that group. Discriminatory actions are often based on racist ideas of the others who are different from one’s group. There are many types of discrimination… Which types do you know?

6 Stereotype Is a generalization about a group of people in which identical characteristics are assigned to virtually all members of the group, regardless of actual variation among the members. There are positive and negative stereotypes.

7 prejudice Is a hostile or negative attitude toward a distinguishable group of people, based solely on their membership in that group. Prejudiced people direct their prejudice towards members of the group as a whole, ignoring distinguishing characteristics.

8 “ALL colombians are drug dealers”

9 PREJUDICE “¿Did you see the woman with the glasses?
They say she’s colombian… she most come from a family of drug dealers” PREJUDICE

10 “They shouldn’t let the woman with the glasses into
the party… she’s colombian” DISCRIMINATION

11 “We are much better than colombians…”


13 What do you see? Are there any stereotypes? Which ones are positive? And negative? How does it affect our relationship?

14 Discussion What’s the origin of the idea of “race”
What does colonization has to do with the origin of race? How is it that science developed a false idea?

15 Today cientific foundings show us different
According to the cientific perspective: HUMAN RACES DO NOT EXIST There is only one human race, we all belong to the same race The genetic difference between persons from any part of the world is 0,01% (Harold P. Freeman, General Hospital of Manhattan)

16 Then why are we so different?
According to the scientific perspective whe have adapted to environmental conditios. Heat, cold, solar radiation and the diet changed the skin color, size and other superficial characteristics of our body. But inside, our body functions the same way.

17 How did it happened? Lets look at the DNA route

18 Homo sapiens was born in the east of África 200,000 years ago.
Around 10,000 homo sapiens left África 50,000 years ago and expandid in the whole world. They reached Australia and Asia first. Then arrived in Europe (around 35 ,000 and 40, 000 years ago) and to America (15,000 to 30,000 years ago). 200,000 years is not enough time for important genetic changes. Most species need at least 1 million years

19 INTERESTING FACTS… 20,000 years ago, genes started clearing the skin’s pigmentation. People in the highest latitudes in the north of the hemispher needed to compensate the sun light that they received to produce the vitamine D that the human body needs. 10,000 years ago, nobody had blue eyes.

20 CONCLUSION Then why is there racim??
Biologically there is only one human race. But we are culturally diverse because in each place that the humans settled, they developed their own ways to communicate (language), their own worldview, their own rules… If there are no different races, then there aren’t “superior” and “inferior” races. Then why is there racim??

21 Declaration on race and racial prejudice General Conference of Unesco in 1982
ARTICLE 2.1 AND 2.3 “Any theory which involves the claim that racial or ethnic groups are inherently superior or inferior, thus implying that some would be entitled to dominate or eliminate others, presumed to be inferior, or which bases value judgements on racial differentiation, has no scientific foundation and is contrary to the moral and ethical principles of humanity”. Racial prejudice, historically linked with inequalities in power, reinforced by economic and social differences between individuals and groups, and still seeking today to justify such inequalities, is totally without justification.

22 What is the meaning of white?
COLOR TODAy What is the meaning of white? What is the meaning of black?

23 It goes beyond black and white…

24 Let’s analyze… How is it related to my life?
Did I learned these ideas at home? At school? Can I find other examples related to my context? How does it apply to the situation of dominant/minority groups in my country?

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