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A BRIEF HISTORY OF PROTEST MUSIC. I've got tapes I've got CD's I've got my Public Enemy My lily white ass Is tickled pink When I listen to the music That.

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2 I've got tapes I've got CD's I've got my Public Enemy My lily white ass Is tickled pink When I listen to the music That makes me think – Anthony Kiedis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers song: Power of Equality album: Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)


4 Anti-war Social issues eg. Racism, class, inequality, labour movements, human rights, wrongful imprisonment, police brutality, women’s rights, indigenous rights, injustice Anti-Government Anti-Corporate / Anti-Globalisation Environmental / Conservatism / Anti - Nuclear


6 Criticise Raise awareness Issues you don’t hear on the news Question the info you do get – find out more for yourself Incite action Or is it just good material for writing music? Can be literal or metaphorical INTERPRETING LYRICS IS NEVER CONCRETE – EVERYONE CAN TAKE A DIFFERENT MEANING (N.B - Meanings listed herein have been taken from interviews and quotes from musicians)

7 1960s – Time of social upheaval and dissent Flower Power – hippie movement Woodstock Festival My Lai Massacre Student Protests GREAT MUSIC !

8 Bob Dylan – Blowin’ In the Wind (1963) Bob Dylan – Masters Of War (1963) Jimi Hendrix (written by Dylan) – All Along The Watchtower (1968) The Doors – Unknown Soldier (1968) Country Joe – I feel like I’m fixin’ to die (1969) Edwin Starr – War (1969) Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (1970) Jefferson Airplane - Volunteers (1970)

9 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Ohio (1970) about Kent State Shootings. g3HwXdc&feature=related John Lennon – Give Peace a Chance (1969) NRriHlLUk John Lennon – Imagine (1971) zBf0 Bruce Springsteen – Born In the USA (1984) vWUE Also deals with treatment of veterans and unemployment under Reagan in the 80s

10 U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday (1983) from the album ‘War’ The Cranberries – Zombie (1994)

11 eg. RACISM / POVERTY / INEQUALITY / POLICE BRUTALITY Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On (1971) Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five – The Message (1982) Public Enemy – Fight The Power (1989) NWA – Fuck Tha Police (1988) Body Count – Cop Killer (1992) “I’m a cop killer / Fuck police brutality” – Ice T


13 Ani DiFranco - Lost Woman Song (1993) – Abortion Song Sonic Youth – Swimsuit Issue (1992) - Women as objects, sexual harassment “Don't touch my breast / I'm just working at my desk Don't put me to the test / I'm just doing my best” - Kim Gordon, Sonic Youth

14 Bob Marley – Get up Stand Up (1973) – about Rastafarian religion dO0 Billy Bragg – Between The Wars (1985) – poverty, plight of the working class in UK xk&feature=related "I'll give my consent to any government who will not deny a man a living wage.“ – Billy Bragg

15 “Music has the power to cross borders, to break military sieges and to establish real dialogue. There's two things to do: you can either take an escapist pill, or you can deal with music which deals with the realities of the situation." - Tom Morello, Rage Against The Machine

16 RATM – Killing In The Name (1992) - Police and Klu Klux Klan (KKK) RATM - Freedom (1992) - massacre of American Indians by FBI, jailing of Leonard Peltier, AIM leader RATM - People Of The Sun (1996) - poverty and persecution of Zapatistas in Mexico (also see Battle Of Mexico City DVD)

17 System Of A Down – BOOM! (2002) QCSWA&feature=related SOAD also publicise the Armenian genocide by Turkey (1915 – 1917), prison rates, Iraq war, bias media coverage, war profiteering Axis Of Justice (Tom Morello – RATM and Serj Tankian – SOAD) “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell, Author

18 Alice in Chains – Rooster (1993) - Vietnam war, ‘democracy’ Pearl Jam – Bushleaguer (2002) - anti-Bush Pearl Jam – Do the Evolution (1998) - technology, ‘progress’ Pearl Jam – World Wide Suicide (2006) - Iraq war, Afghanistan War, death of football player turned soldier Pat Tillman by ‘friendly fire’ got plenty of coverage – what about regular people dying? ‘collateral damage’ “Democracy might have a chance at working if people educate themselves on these issues and make their opinions known” – Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam

19 Black Sabbath – War Pigs (1970) Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction (1993) Megadeth – Holy Wars (1991) YczYC2yHTM&feature=related Megadeth – Peace Sells But Who’s Buying? (1986) eature=related


21 Metallica – One (1988) – soldier badly injured in WW1 Soundgarden – Hands All Over (1989) – environment damage Sepultura – Territory (1993) – Palestine/Israel conflict “Bad presidents make good music.” - Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy)

22 The Clash – White Riot (1977) - class and race issues in UK Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen (1977) Crass – Nagasaki Nightmare (1981) The Exploited – Fuck The USA (1982)

23 The Ramones – Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (1986) - anti-Reagan Dead Kennedys – Stars And Stripes Of Corruption (1985) "Rednecks and bombs don't make us strong/ We loot the world, yet we can't even feed ourselves“- Jello Biafra, Dead Kennedys Pennywise - Fuck Authority (2001) Propagandhi - Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes (2001)'s+Empires,+Tomorrow's+Ashes Bad Religion – Los Angeles is Burning (2004) from Empire Strikes First Green Day – American Idiot (2004) Also see: Black Flag / Henry Rollins, NoFX, Raised Fist, Anti-Flag, Rise Against

24 Punk Voter Rock Against Bush by Fat Wreck Chords (2004) compilation with a huge list of punk bands, didn’t work Bush was re-elected

25 Dixie Chicks – Not ready To Make Nice (2006) Made anti Bush comments - CDs crushed, death threats, banned from radio Neil Young – Let’s Impeach the President (2006) Anti-Bush, Hurricane Katrina, Iraq - won a Grammy

26 George Michael – Shoot The Dog (2002) – UK PM Blair lap dog to Bush Pink – Dear Mr. President (2006) - war, homosexuality, abortion, homelessness Black Eyed Peas – Where is the Love (2003) Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad (2000) NOT A PROTEST SONG – Andre 3000 just liked the phrase

27 Eric Bogle – And The Band Was Playing Waltzing Matilda (1972) – Gallipoli Red Gum – I was only 19 (1983) –Vietnam, psychological and Agent Orange The Herd – I was only 19 (2005) – hip hop cover Paul Kelly – From Little Things Big Things Grow (1991) - first land rights case Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning (1987) – land rights, Howard’s favourite Yothu Yindi – Treaty (1991) - reconciliation

28 JBT - Something’s Gotta Give (2004) Xavier Rudd – Better People (2007) Kora – Politician (2004) Blue King Brown – Stand Up (2005) feature=related Blue King Brown – Check Your Head (2007) eature=related “There is this real awakening happening.” - Natalie Pa’apa’a, Blue King Brown

29 Heavy Metal In Baghdad http://www.heavymetalinb http://www.heavymetalinb Soundtrack To War http://www.soundtrackto http://www.soundtrackto See also: Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Casualties of War, Forrest Gump, Fahrenheit 9/11

30 BAND AID (1984, 1989, 2004) LIVE AID (1985) WAVE AID (2003) MAKE POVERTY HISTORY (2006)

31 Naomi Klein - author / journalist, part of anti-globalisation movement, has attacked the “Bono-isation” of protests saying events aren’t as dangerous as grass roots campaigns. Many artists get behind political parties (eg. US election) - can turn people off – some would rather artists stick to playing music. BUT acts like RATM or JBT gain loyal following because people feel they are making a difference - even if they are doing nothing more than listening to the music. Some artists jumping on the bandwagon? Against Me – White people For Peace (2007) - questioning the validity of bands’ anti-war stance

32 Freeza The Push Muso Network (Dandenong Freeza Group)

33 VUT RMIT NMIT Box Hill Tafe Also many other courses eg. Music, Sound Engineering, Event Management plus double degrees incorporating law, marketing etc

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